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Gs 430 2001 Buying Advice

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Hello guys, I am new here and will be really grateful if I can get some advice.

I am looking to buy a GS 430 and I came upon one that looked promising.

Car is being advertised as having 100k miles, but I think that it's more likely to be at around 150k.

What I don't want to is to buy a car that is over 200k and beyond.

Do you think that it can be over 200k by looking at the photos?

If you can't open the ad from the US here is an album on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/0xj9y

The middle of the driver's seat is perforated leather and is in good condition, but the left edge which is normal leather looks significantly worn.

Any input would be much appreciated : )

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It is impossible to tell how many miles a vehicle has covered by looking at photos. Both my 1990 LS400 and 2000 LS400 looked almost like new when I sold them when they were nearly 14 years old and had covered 180,000 miles. On my 2000 LS400, the leather on the driver seat nearest the door also wore faster than the leather in the rest of the car.

Does the owner have any maintenance records that show mileage and dates?

The car's price would likely be considered reasonable if the car was being sold in the U.S. instead of Bulgaria. (7450 Bulgarian Lev equals 4248.16 US Dollars)

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The owner has documents, but forgery of such documents by used-car salesmen is widespread in Bulgaria. : (

I will probably take the car to a trusted mechanic before buying, I just wanted to get some opinions on the leather interior/mileage first.

The plastic surrounding the wooden top of the gear stick is also worn, the pedals and the floor though are in good condition.

He is probably going to take $200-300 off the price when I haggle.

I am also considering E38 740i, but the Lexus interior looks much more beautiful.


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