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Toronto Lexus Owners Meet Sunday April 25th

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If interested in coming just add your name to the list



Sunday, April 25th. Arrive @ 1:00 PM

Krispey Kreme parking lot ( located at mavis and brittania in mississauga)

take 401 to mavis exit and go south

brittania is about 1 minute from the 401 exit .

there are 3 lanes on mavis stay in the middle of the 3 as the furthest right lane exits to brittania westbound , and right after brittania you need to make a right into the (Canadian tire ,staples ,futureshop , Krispey kreme parking lot use the second entrance as it is closer to KK .

Be forwarnd the KK dougnuts are very nice for 1-3 each after that it will kill you. Also there coffee is the worlds worst right up there with MC donalds.So you might want to get some Tim hortons or country style before you get there ,if so interested.

See you guys there.







from isimpressions

1. SKperformance

2. Roswell (if more ISI fellow shows up)

3. Digger08 (only cause I just realized who SKperformance is!)

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Any new dates planned? :unsure: Same location?

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As redoing it again for this sunday,it might be easier to give everyone more notice again as the rain date was never firmed up in the first place.

As toyotanation usually meets on the last saturday of the month i think it would be nice to have a meet before theres so if anyone is interested in going would be able to stay.

So my suggestion is to have our meet 2 hours before at 6 pm that way it is a lexus only meet that would still have a large amount of owners and alwys worth while to stay as there last meet had well over 40 cars on saturday with an LS 400 ,4 IS 300 and 3 ES 300's.

That would be Saturday May 29th at 6 pm in Scarborough right beside the 401 at Kennedy in the tim hortons parking lot. We could also make it a caravan for Mississauga members wo aren;t sure were it is by leaving Krispey Kreme at 5:15pm so we could take moving pictures (especially thoses with chrome wheels) as they look so nice.

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