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Will These Work For My Sc400

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I have a 1992 sc400. Thus guy has some lexus rims and tires for sale. The tires are Bridgestone turanza 235/50/r18 97v. The lexus rims he says came from an IS. I have attached the pictures he has. My question is will they fit my sc400 with no mods or problems or anything. I am also wondering if the tires will fit good and look right without having to mess with the suspension



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I'd say yes if they came off an IS. Of course the size comparison and circumference is also to be considered. Not sure what came on the SC but seems like everything should work. As far as brakes and stuff, as cars get newer, brakes seem to get bigger so everything should fit. As far as I've ever heard, all standard car Lexus lug patterns are the same. Could be wrong but I don't think so. Sure would be a nice addition though.

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