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Straight Stick Coming Back!


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Do you long for the time when on a Saturday night,you would put it in 1st and take off in a scream of burning rubber, only to be topped with more bark courtesy of that V8 with a Hurst shifter.

This writer says the manual transmission is making a burning come back. Check out this article regarding the customers pushing for more models with the power and transmission of yore.

What do you think? Should we bring back the clutch??



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NOOOOOOOOOOO! How could I shift while holding my beer and cigar?

I now can't believe that my wife and I both bought so many stick shift cars from when we met in the middle 1970's through the 1980's ... VW Rabbit, three Volvos, four Hondas, one Mercedes. What were we thinking? The reliability of automatic transmissions passed that of manual transmissions decades ago. I've never had problems with automatic transmissions but synchronizers in two of the manual transmission cars I've had failed to the point that I had to double clutch in order to shift gears. OK, one of those two cars was an awful Triumph Spitfire (S#itfire) I drove in the 1960's but the other was the Mercedes 240D I bought new in 1979.

Every time I'm in an endless bumper to bumper traffic jam creeping down an Interstate highway I am thankful that I don't have to constantly shift and push a clutch pedal.

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