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Does Anyone Recognize These Supposed Dealer-option Wheels?

Big Iron

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I'm looking at purchasing a set of wheels for my 99 LS400, and these caught my eye. The ad states that they were a dealer option, but I can't seem to confirm it or find any other information. They're 19x8.5 all around.

I'd also like to know if I'd have any issues with fitment on my stock height (but with 200k on the suspension) LS400.




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Optional on which Lexus model? They don't look like official Lexus wheels to me but that doesn't mean that a Lexus dealer didn't sell them. The Lexus dealership here has sold aftermarket wheels since the day it opened in 1989.

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My dealer frequently buys after market wheels for the customers preference. Lexus wheels, until the last few years have offered rather conservative choices, but seem to be improving their options for today's buyers.


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Remember, center caps are inter-changeable. I did that when I put Trans Am wheels on my Z28. Just because they say Lexus doesn't mean they are.

Browse on Tire Rack and see if you can find them.

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