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How To Improve Traffic Flow With Current Roads.


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Think of this, improved traffic flow, less wasted time and fuel in traffic and all done without building one additional highway or road. Impossible? not at all.

Having driven hundreds of thousands of miles (true amount unestimated) I have come to several conclusions about why Americans experience so many intense traffic issues. Naturally the heavy volume of traffic is the easiest target but that is not exactly as I see the problem. Yes, volume certainly increases traffic density however the is another problem which is at the very root of the problem with our highways. One which most of you know but is never acknowledged by any authorities when exploring causes of traffic delays. Amazing to me that with all the high tech monitoring equipment that not one has named the true reason we all move slow.

Drivers are the problem. Not all drivers but most have declined into a pathetic level of mediocrity and drive like drones. In a previous writing, I mentioned about how cops are out there, and they are however I find it astonishing that a state trooper would ride on someones tail in the left lane then pass on the right and not ticket the driver. We can start by asking the boys in blue to do their job and ticket people who impede traffic. Next issue is traffic lights. Yeah, nobody like them but they do serve a purpose and we have to stop for them. The problem arises when the light turns green as the first driver in line is startled away from their facebook checking and after 5 seconds moves. Of course when the drivers do move, they accelerate at a rate that would make a turtle proud. What this means is that at least 10 people behind them must now wait for another light sequence due to the inattentive driver. On the Interstate I see people driving at 45-50mph. Why? seems to me if you don't like going faster, stay off the Interstates.

My new Lexus might be the most dangerous car I've ever owned mainly to the huge number of built in on-board distractions. I've actually gotten a little squirrely a few times playing around with the mouse.

Enough said for today.


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Sad, but I'm afraid you are right Steve. Let's review the procedure for testing someone to drive. Go around the block at a snail pace and learn how to parallel park. Oh wait, now cars do that for you. Test of the future? set up a Google account.

Absolutely pathetic driving out there. Went to the airport to scoop my wife and coming back the Interstate backed up and went down to 10 mph. Then I saw the cause 3 (THREE) cars going slow in every lane pacing each other. The left laner was in one of those disgusting mini-Cooper things.

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We need to up the fine for people that are texting, or otherwise playing on their phone to $500. Maybe that would stop the distraction. I don't touch my phone while I'm driving. I love my health, my car and have too much concern for other people to jepardize any of them.

In other words......shut up and drive.

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Becki, surely you can't mean forcing to to focus on driving when driving? What a novel idea. Like you, I concentrate on driving when I am doing so. Why I even keep both hands on the wheel unless I'm shifting or something.

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10 and 2

Even if I have a passenger and we are talking, my eyes are on the road. Things can happen so fast. The other day I was driving on a divided street in a neighborhood. Something caught my eye and I looked off to the right for about 3 seconds. When I looked back at the road, I was about to hit the curb of the median. Eek! I would have been so upset if I had scraped my rims. That is my favorite part of my car. It only takes a second for something to happen.

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