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Cant Find Parts For '98 Es300


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Hello everyone,

I live in Colorado and yesterday we had a snow storm. well to make this short, i was making a left turn and slid on ice and hit a curb. I was not going fast but still slid. Anyway i hit the curb with my rear passenger side tire. The tire and rim are completely done for and my step dad says the outer tie rod end and tie rod adjuster need to be replaced along with getting a new rim plate and alignment. but heres my problem....i cant find a rear passenger outer tie rod end or tie rod adjuster or rim plate anywhere......can anyone help me out i want to get my Lexi back up and running fast. i have a few pictures if i need to upload them. any and all help is helpful! T.I.A.

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Hi Ashley, sorry to hear of your accident.

working on a car in winter weather is about as nasty work as there you can find. Even that Dirty Jobs guy on TV wouldn't do it. Not sure what the junkyard situation is there (probably buried in snow) but they are a wealth of very inexpensive replacement parts on the spot. I've often seen your year and model in local yards here in Virginia Beach. I use also use junk cars to learn how to take things apart in cars I don't want to break things.

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