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Battery Replacement/electrical Problems

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I'm not sure whats going on but the other I wasn't able to put any windows down from drivers control switch. I read that could mean the battery may be going bad. I had it tested and it read good but it was at the 4 year mark so I decided to replace it with a new one. After replacing the battery I still have the window issue even when I reprogram them. I also now have the alarm going off randomly, engine cooling fans coming on randomly along with headlights (only when left in the auto position). Doors will lock and unlock while driving or when sitting in the car without the ignition being on. Key fob will no longer open tailgate automatically. Little lights on power window switches stay on when you exit the car and apply the alarm along with a light under the drivers side where the pedals are located. So basically my suv is a basket case. I can't find anywhere online anything that correlates all these symptoms together. I NEED HELP ASAP!!! I literally have to disconnect the battery in order to shut the alarm and fan off when I'm not driving it.

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Make sure that your battery ground cable is tight at each connection. An intermittent ground can cause strange electrical issues. If that doesn't work, you may need to take it to a dealership or auto electric shop.

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i'm writing from Italy.

i have a Lexus Rx300 model year 2005 and i just have the same problem.

i replaced the battery a week ago and since then two windows don't work with driver control switch.

can you tell how you solve the problem?


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