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Help With 2jz Swap

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hey guys and girls. im new here but not to forums. Ive searched some and cant find any answers, so here it is. I want to get an sc300 and drop the 2jz supra engine in. Heres the problem, can the supra tranny fit so i can have 6 spd manual or do i have to use the sc's tranny? im having trouble finding an sc with a manual. thanks


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also, what FMIC kit do you use, if any. i was hoping that the supra hard pipes would work but i dont know for sure. also, does the driveshaft or anything else have to be replaced bc of the added power. im sure that an LSD will be needed. im just trying to plan ahead and figure everything out. thanks


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Supra hard pipes kit will work with a GTE drop. Custom is just as well. So will the 6 speed. But if you use a 6 speed the tranny tunnel will need consideration. I know 1995 model year is clear but there is debate about the rest. If you do supra tranny you need custom drive shaft, you'll need at least the TT differential or TRD upgrade. You'll need a tt clutch pack or a nice built auto - Sound Performance makes a great one. You need either a TT wiring harness, custom harness or standalone loome/ecu whatever for management. Fuel pump, fuel filter, lines, the motor - and some real good wrenches, a soldering iron, patience and skill. Don't forget your wallet.

Our member quickturbo did it himself. You might be able to get a hold of him - or he may post here, maybe. There is a book by a guy named Phil Auldrige or something like that. He sells it on the internet, supposed to be a manual.

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Thanks for the plug AWJ :D

Underpressure, you're more than welcome to ask me questions relating the swap as well as anyone else from the forum.

I have a pretty extensive background with the 2jzgte motor, as I'm an ex mkiv supra owner. Myself and my good friend built both of our supra's. My car having T78, fuel, etc.. His having a T88, 272 cams, AEM, FJO, etc.. I will say this helped me greatly with the swap. However, it is a pretty straight forward process.

I will say that you're going to need a ton of patience, this is not something you want to rush. I finished mine in about 8 weeks or so, working on it one or two days per week. Although, I would add another week of sitting at my kitchen table with the supra wiring harness, rewiring the lexus cluster/combination connectors to the supra harness ;) I did end up buying Phil's manual for the wiring alone, and it was very helpful, infact I've even helped Phil correct some things in it, adding to it's value, maybe I should ask for a refund ;) jk. I do recommend his manual if you're serious about this project.

I picked up a us spec motor that was missing a few items, motor mounts and brackets, resistor, ignitor, noise surpressor. There were quiet a few other things I had to do in order to get it working properly. MSD tach adapter, which I discovered on my own. This converts the rpm signal so that your tach reads properly, you're going from a distributed to a coil pack setup, therefor, it is a magnetic pickup. The tach adapter works perfectly! I won't go into anymore detail, but if you have any questions, I will try and help out.

Also, on the tranny question. I'm currently using the stock 5spd and it seems to be handling the power ok. Then again, I haven't takin it to the strip :D yet. I'll probably be doing the 6spd later this year. I have a 93 and will most likely have to pound out the tranny tunnel to accomadate the larger trans, as well as possible cut a bit where the shifter is, it looks to sit a few inches further back then that w58 (5spd).

I have some pics in the gallary, go check them out.


SC300 TT

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I've done the swap, and documented the process. Most of the above comments are right on. It can be done, has been done... you just need money and patience.

see my website for pics and info:


Feel free to email me direct, via link on the site, if you have any questions... happy to help

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