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  1. Fuel cell, and pumps arrangement battery, showing fuel pumps towing eyes(Toyota Altezza Cup Items from Japan ) dashboard centre console Tacho, fuel guage, and Fuel pressure the comfy bits Modified clutch pedal assembly....master cylinder now located within the car
  2. ive seen an IS3 With 20" wheels.didnt even lookgood.was undrivable, so whats the point. big rotors, im assuming by the fact you want 20" wheels its not for the stopping power but for the bling factor, the cost is tremendous, but if you have the cash....... the biggest rotor to be fitted is a 355 but thats part of a 4 wheel kit
  3. Found these over on the UK forums....... Strut bar 1 strut bar 2 strut bar 3 looks very nice......
  4. thought you sold that one scott
  5. European Cars say Lexus on the glass if built after 2001
  6. reagrds the ecu, the problem is not so much getting the engine to run, but getting the ecu to talkj to the oem is200 ecu. for this the HKS FCON was used to interface both ecu, so now the car runs 2 factory and 1 aftermarket ecu the propshaft is shorter i also was informed gs mounts work, they didnt :( , even tried is300 mounts. the problem is that the 2jz block went through several different variations in its casting life, depending which casting you get, depends which possition the mounts are located. i had a 96 engine. rear geabox member, the is200 one will work with a small amount of custom work it will be easier to either go aftermarket turbo/turbos or remove the sequential set up of the factory turbos, as the steering column on RHD is200 is fouled by the rear of the turbo. originally i was going for a single, but decided to persist in fitting big twins :cries: .but there in ...
  7. here is a basic list of the items of the top of me head, i obtained to do my conversion, this doesnt include all the little bits and pieces needed. transmission getrag complete TRD suspension bushes and hardened mounts a donor car!! Hipermax suspension HKS Type R intercooler and hard pipes Uprated fuel pump HKS twin plate clutch Clutch fitting kit Battery box........battery is now in the trunk HKS spark plugs HKS GT Turbine kit Custom Propshaft 6x 1000cc injectors HKS fuel rail HKS F-Con PRO ECU F-Con Wire harness Map sensor HKS Fuel regulator HKS EVC 5 Temp sensor Bullet filters x 2 Turbo heat shields Custom rear Gearbox mount Custom Engine Mounts pipework to relocate the Power Steering pot Supra Drag fan assembly shroud for fan heat proofing materials and quite a bit more miscellaneous parts
  8. i have TRD yellows on my IS2 with the supra engine in.on my IS2 race car i use adjustable TTE anti roll bars both cars are running with coilovers aswell
  9. the manilfold outlet is different between the ge and gte engines. you can take the head of the gte and slap it on your ge engine. the bottom end is the same with exception of the compression ratio. the GTE also has oil sqiuirters, and a few other small differnces
  10. maybe be biased, but the largest of the shelf you can get, that i know fits (with a little amount of tweeks) is the HKS Type "R" that i have fitted
  11. thats not true. 'Altezza' is the Italian word for 'Height' in Japanese its context is in that the car is "the height" as in its high class, the top of the ladder, the best you can get. the tag labelled against copycat taillights, is i assume cos people think it sounds good, but actually have no clue where the word comes from. some people actually think the lights on the is200/300/altezza came after, the aftermarket production of the said copied lights
  12. no it doesnt, the heads, look similer, but are quite different
  13. yes the 4 cylinder Toyota Altezza, the Sports cross is known as the Gita
  14. i highly doubt the engine will run, the ecu's use different paramiters, remember VVT means variable valve timing........ it wont be very varible if its not conected,
  15. nope, the non vvti ecu will not run the vvti.........
  16. no it will not go into production, in this body shape,As for the next body shape, there has been nothing penciled in by Toyota Corp in Japan. As i am a frequent visitor to Toyota Motorsports in Germany where the original 2 IS430's were built, i do get to hear some intresting info. the RMM car was only built as a show car for Lexus USA.not as a test bed for future development...........FACT the Technical plans for the car were borrowed from TTE (Toyota Motorsports) after TTE refused to ship the black IS430 to the US and allow it to be re,painted to be more US colour Friendly...FACT
  17. there are coloured tints......... you need to contact the manufacturers, like Luminar
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