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New Member (old Owner) Questions On My '93

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I'm new to this board (my first post here), but have had my GS300 since new in '93. It's been reliable until last year when it blew a head gasket. Of course, it was in to the dealer several times that year with engine problem complaints, which they could never figure out until there was oil in the radiator.

Just got the car back yesterday from it's 135K mile service and the svc. advisor said it needed work for: 2 motor mounts broken, driver side lower ball joint free play, and worn rear brakes.

He couldn't tell me if I should replace all motor mounts, or just the 2 broken ones. Actually he couldn't tell me even how many motor mounts there were (he guessed 5)! Any recommendations on what I should have replaced?

There was a Lexus recall in '95 for excessive ball joint wear (2 high mileage GS300s in Japan experienced unusual wear), so they replaced the ball joints at the time. Is this a normal wear item, and is 135K miles about right?

The dealer didn't think the rear brakes had ever been replaced, but with wear down to 30%, they weren't sure the brakes would last another 5K miles. What's the typical rear brake wear for these cars?

Thanks in advance for any inputs

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not sure on GS brake wear.

30% is pretty bad. do you know if the dealership did any brake disk changes at any of the services? i think there was supposed to be one service in the middle (like 60k or 75k) where they change the brake disks. or maybe you have to tell them to do it yourself.

for the motor mounts, i think i have 2 motor mounts broken on my ES too. but nothing has shown anything bad yet. i'm not sure if they're actually broken. never knew what bad motor mounts would cause. i would think just the engine not being stable, but rocking when gassing, etc.

welcome to the club, geoff


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Your GS has 2 motor mounts and a rear trans mount. I have never seen then go bad on there own without a reason up in the northwest. question ypur service writer on his experiance with Lexus vehicles the rear pads on your GS at 135k should have been replaced at least once before. have him also run a history on your ride to see if the recall on ball joints applies to your GS and has it been performed already As far as the other persons post the only common es mount to go bad is what we call the dog bone

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