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Hdd On Lx570 2011?


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Hello All,

Got a 2011 LX570 with the 19-speakers option installed. It says there's a hard disk drive (for music), but I can't figure out how to use it.

My friend, who has this option on a 2009 model, is able to see "save" button (to HDD) when playing audio disks. I thought that maybe the HDD is dual for navigation and music, and probably I need to delete the navigation.

Anyone knows how to do it and any other advice?

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The CD recording feature has apparently been deleted since it is described in the owners manual for the 2009 LX570 but not in the owners manual for the 2011 LX570. I assume the feature was considered obsolete.

Consider doing what I did and "burn" your CD music collection to a smart phone using Windows Media Player or a similar program. I also copied most of my CD collection to USB flash memory but I rarely use it and prefer to stream wirelessly from my phone via Bluetooth.

But I don't play my personal music collection all that much any more. I stream most of the music I listen to from the Internet - mainly from Pandora to which I subscribe to get it advertising free and occasionally from Slacker and iHeart Radio. I don't even listen to broadcast radio much anymore. All the radio stations in town and 70,000 around the world are on the free tunein radio service on the Internet.

You don't need Lexus Enform to steam audio from the Internet. Just connect your smart phone wireless through Bluetooth or plug it in to your 3.5mm aux-in port and control the streaming from your phone - helps to have a phone holder or cradle mounted on the dash. Kuda has some very nice leather mount consoles for the LX570 is you want a convenient place to mount a phone holder or charging cradle: www.kudausa.com I've had phone charging cradles mounted on a Kuda console in my 2000 LS400 for about 10 years. If you want a simple phone holder, I highly recommend the iOttie Easy Flex 2. We have one in our 2012 Prius wagon and it sticks like iron - even to a textured dash and does not do any damage.

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