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Sunroof Play


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Ok Thanks to anyone who has Any Ideals. I've went through a whole lot getting my sunroof fixed. Originally it seized from not being used in over 2 years. I basically had to remove EVERYTHING from the inside of the car except the dash since water got in under the carpet. Anyway I ended up getting 2 complete sunroofs from the junkyard. I have taken the D*** thing out so many times it seems so easy now. I finally got it working after taking it to the dealer to get the one touch operation working again. My current issue is that when the sunroof is closed it has some play. Meaning that I can take my hand and push up on the glass and it will move. The glass is not moving but I can see the rails move up. I have read how to adjust the glass in the manual but I don't see how any of that would prevent the rails from moving.

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Hi sha4000,

Sorry someone hasn't been here earlier. I'm not going to be much help but I will try to point you to some things that might help. Hopefully, someone else will chime in who can give you some real help.

In the search data base there should be several threads about problems with the side rails on the sunroof. As I recall, the removal and replacement of the rails, along with the connectors with the harness to the motor. It sounds like you've already done all this. Go to the search box and see if you can find a referance to this situation.

Also, you might check on Club Lexus. You mentioned the soaked carpets. Was that from plugged drain tubes around the sunroof? Come back and let us know how things turn out.


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Thanks for responding and I cross posted this on clublexus also but have not got any responses. It seems like there is not a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working on the sunroof. I took my original sunroof apart when I first realized it was seized from lack of use and actually messed up one of the rails. I bought another complete sunroof from the junkyard and Just used the good rail from that one and put it back but for some reason the pinch protection kept kicking in anytime I would try to move it from the fully open to the close position. I ended up taking it to the dealer and they reprogrammed it but it would only work if I tilted it up or down. As soon as I would open it all the way it would go back but once i tried to close it the thing would still only go halfway and then slide all the way back to the open position. Nothing is wrong with any of the motors but as I watched it while its closing it the rail that I replaced would be trying to move up instead of staying flat while it was in the forward motion. So I went and bought another complete assembly from another yard and just bolted it up without messing with any of the internals and Lo and behold it worked perfectly. Even the the first one I bought had play so I just figured there is an adjustment that I need to make. There is only about a 1/4 inch of play and it's only when it's in the closed position. If I tilt it or bring it down to slide it open there is no play. By the way I spent a total of $200 for the 2 junkyard sunroofs so in my mind I'm still ahead as far as costs.

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