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Why Cant I Find Aftermarket Head Or Tail Lights For Gs300?

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GS headlights got more complex beginning with 2006 due to AFS. The DOT has cracked down on noncomplying aftermarket tail lights. I thought the smoked tail light fad was fading away - only see them on old "ricers" these days.

I'm not at all into the ricer scene but I saw this picture of my same car and color and fell in love with how it looks. As for the tail lights, I just want to brin the red down a little seeing that everything else is really dark on my car.


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Does your stock GS have the HID type headlights or are they stock halogen? I don't believe Lexus offered the halogen type headlight for the 06+ GS.

Aftermarket HID type headlights (intended to replace stock HID type headlights) never really existed for any Lexus. Most (if not all) aftermarket HID headlights are designed to replace halogen type headlights.

There are companies that will do custom mod headlights and install angel eyes, etc. I did heavy headlight mods on my RX400h and old Rx300. (see my signature for the links)

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