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Program Valet Key For 2003+ With Type D Chip


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After trying many different versions to program a new Valet key for my LX 470 2007 model here is what works. Many sites claim that it can only be programed by the dealer. WRONG.

This worked for me the first time, as taken from the Toyota forum.

are the exact steps I took and it worked on the first try. I am not sure if the first two items are needed but I did do it exactly as below.

Using working key, lock driver side door with key and remove.

Using working key, unlock driver door with key, remove key, get in cab and
close door.

1. Using a master key (original key), insert (and remove) it from the ignition
5 times. On the 5th time, leave it in the ignition, then:

2. Open and close the driver's door 6 times.

3. Remove the master key. The security light should
now stay lit red. (Mine actually did this so I knew I was on the right track!)

4. Insert the newly cut key. The security light should be blinking
red; wait about 60 seconds until the light stops blinking and turns off. (It
really did turn off, just wait for it)

5. Remove the new key. Insert the old master key and start the engine and turn
it off.

Your new key should have been programmed and ready for use. My security
light went off right away when I put the new key in.


05 LS 430

07 LX 470

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