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1995 Lexus Gs300 Valve Clearance Adustment

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How does a DIYer go about efficiently adjusting the valve clearances on a shimmed valve engine? Specifically, how do you get all the shims that you need? I need to adjust 14 of 24. That's a lot of shims to buy.

Background: I just finished replacing my head gasket at 207K miles (link below). I replaced the valve guide seals while I was in there. On reassembly, my valve clearances are a few thousandths below tolerance (.006 in min). That's a little tight for the exhaust side. Should I worry about that?

Of course I should have measured all the shims while the cams were out, but that wasn't my focus. Now it's running and I want to go back and adjust the valves. In my younger days, I wrenched at a Honda motorcycle dealer. For a valve adjustment, we exchanged shims from a large stock and charged a base rate plus a per valve fee. Easy process versus doing it at home.

Has anyone done this job at home?

Are shims a dealer only item?

Are there aftermarket sources or used shims available somewhere?

Do you find an independent Lexus shop and beg them to exchange them with you for cash?

Do you take it apart, measure each shim one by one, put it back together, order the parts, repeat?

Is an aftermarket adjustment tool like the Schley tool on Amazon an acceptable tool or is the factory tool a "must have?"

This is a daily driver and I can't live another month down a car.

I've searched all over the forums and the web and don't find anything of substance on this topic.

I'd be grateful for any advice? Thanks.

Cooling Problem/Head gasket Thread:


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