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First Long Highway Trip With 470...

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On our road trips over the hollidays from Milwaukee to DC (12 hours) then back (12) I experimented with the suspension firmness. You can't adjust the height for highway driving (it will return to N above 19MPH). I found that the truck was such a pleasure to drive. I used the softest setting on the long straight roads then switched to firm (sport) in the winding mountain roads. The truck was just awesome in the turns, the settings make a significant difference. You will have fun experimenting with it.

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It is TRULY a MACHINE! The backroads on 219 up into Snowshoe, WV under firm settings was surprising. The comfort setting on the highway has always been the best. My brother has a 2000 Land Cruiser and he has never thought the 470 was worth the extra money until he made the trip up the curvy mountain roads :-)!

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Just a word of caution if you go to play hard on the curves.

If you put the truck in stiffest suspension mode and run it fast in the corners you will not feel it lean. This is similar to a good sports car. However, the 470 is not a sports car, it is a truck with a higher center of gravity.

Many of us rely on the vehicle to let us know when we are driving too fast around a corner because it leans uncomfortable to one side; when the 470 does not lean, we assume it is ok to go faster. Not always true.

On the firmest position, the truck will not lean before it begins to tip. Stay alert. You can feel the truck begin to ride up on the square shoulders of the tires if you are used to driving quick. If not, you will notice that inner rear tire (in relation to the curve) begin to lift.

If you miss that signal, you will notice when the driver's door handle drags on the ground.

The truck always signals its intentions.

Have fun.


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