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  1. Greetings, The steering wheel has started shaking when the brakes are applied so I am expecting it is time for a full brake job :-( Yes rotors have been turned before. I would like to get an idea of the expected cost for Brakes and rotors on an LS 400 1999? Many Thanks, Badams
  2. Thanks for the info. I went to a car parts store and they ran diagnostics on the vehicle and the alert code from the diagnostics computer said to replace the O2 sensor which has already been replaced. Thanks for the information and your time. BR, Badams
  3. Forgot to enable email notifications of any responces to this post :-)
  4. I have not had time to get a diagnostic test run on my 1999 LX470 but on the way to work this morning my Check Engine light came on while crusing on a highway. The truck has 178,700 + miles on it and I have never had any problems like this. I was wondering if this is something that is set to go off at a certian point of milage? The 470 ran fine the rest of the way to work and did not appear to be having any problems other than the check engine indication light. I have to drive about 25 miles to and from work. Can anyone advise me as to whether I am safe in driving the car as long as it sh
  5. I am having problems with the stock stereo in my 1999 LX 470 and even crutchfield does not have any recommendations for a replacement system. Has anyone see or tried any other stereo systems in a 1999 LX 470 Nakomichi stereo stock? I have found options of getting the old system rebuilt but that seems like something that may not work out well ... break again soon and is pretty expensive. Also another option that had an aux input for iPod would be prefered ... FM transmitters for the iPods seem to get static quite often. This one looks interesting :-?
  6. Greetings, I was recently using a cigarette lighter adapter air compressor in the DC Power Outlet on my 1999 Lexus LX470 to pump up the tires on a trailer and it appeared that I blew a fuse. I replaced the fuse with a new 15 amp fuse and the dash board DC power outlet still was not working. The DC Power Outlets in the center console box and the rear hatch both work with the new or old fuse in place ... but the console and rear hatch outlets do not work with the fuse removed so I am pretty sure I am replacing the correct fuse. 1. Is there an inline fuse behind the power outlet in the das
  7. My 1999 LX 470sunroof sticks from time to time and I just push it from inside with my hand while pusing the open button. After getting it open I always try to grease up the runners which seems to help considerably, but the hand push has always helped whenever I have had problems.
  8. I have been using the Sylvania's for a while after quickly going through a set of PIAA's. I did not have the recall work done because I did not like the description of the work they wanted to do. I get about 7 months on a set of the sylvania's and I always have a second set in the storage compartment in the back of the car.
  9. I get around 25 on the highway and around 20 in city. Tank average is about 22. I recently started running regular gas only and have not noticed any difference in preformance or gas mileage. I try to put a tank of 93 in about every 4th time I fill up and use 87 for the other three. Is anyone else running unleaded instead of premium gas on a regular basis :-?
  10. How do you change the front right turn signal on a 1999 LS400? I have removed the screw at the top next to the head light assembly and it wiggles around some but I cannot find any more release points or clips and I do not want to break it trying to get it out. :o Any help toward getting this done would be greatly appreciated. :) Many Thanks, Badams
  11. Dealer now has the car and says the throttle body needs replacement. What should I expect to pay for that :-?
  12. Thanks for the information. I am able to borrow the diagnostics handheld computer. Where is the hookup in the car located to hook the diagnostics reader to?
  13. While stopped at a stop light this evening the Check Engine and Check VSC lights came on. I pressed the VSC button multiple times but the condition did not change. When the light turned green the engine was still running but the car would not accelerate beyond idle speed (RPM's stayed at about 1200). I was not far from where I was going to dinner so I parked and went in for dinner for about an hour. Came back out and started the car and both lights were on again for a few minutes. I drove home about 20 miles on the highway with no problems. Got back down to city diving speeds with turns
  14. On my 1999 LX470 the antenna recently stopped going up and down. It is stopped half way up. I have tried the up and down button for the antenna in the car and hear what sounds like the electric motor running for the antenna but it does not move. When I turn the car off there is a loud sound that is clearly the motor trying to pull the antenna down but it does not move. I have tried lubricating the antenna but that does not seem to be the problem as the loose sections of the partially extended antenna appear to move very easily. I removed the chrome ring that I thought would release the an
  15. Has anyone had to Replace the starter on an 1999 LX 470? Any diagrahms or web sites that are recommended would be greatly appreciated. Is the starter between the cylinder heads I cant even see it???
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