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  1. jarcara, Are you still looking for nav? Post your email please ← Thanks for the query dcfish. I asked my wife about it (she drives it) and she wasn't interested in doing it. Thanks
  2. The surround panel is clipped in and will snap out. I had to do that last fall..
  3. My 60K service was $1200 ($850 labor / $350 parts).
  4. Just call the dealer and ask them. The service manager should be able to tell you. They were very helpful to me when I was installing my headrest video system.
  5. i was told that i should get it before the factory warranty expires. ← from 8/04 post: I have a 2000 and I just purchased the lexus extended warranty for 3yr/36K miles for $2,500. Before the warranty, I had a problem with my mirror (would not return properly when shifting from reverse) and lexus covered replacing both of them ($1,200) and I had to pay $98 laor. After reading some posts on this site (about the steering wheel, transmissions, head gaskets, etc.) and thinking about all the high tech stuff on these I decided to buy the warranty. It felt great, I suddenly didn't have any worries. The peace of mind was worth it. The truck is in the shop now having a noise in the stearing wheel fixed (it made a chatter/grinding sound upon retraction), the cruise control acted up on a road trip and the lumbar was a bit irratic. It's waiting on parts so I don't know what the total will be yet. The nice thing is it doesn't matter... it under warranty! ... A follow up on my warranty purchase. I took the truck into the dealer as stated above and they ended up replacing the lumbar inflator ($800), replacing the exhaust manifold gasket on the passenger side ($700), replacing the antenna motor ($300), replacing the cruise control switch ($250) and replacing some parts in the stearing wheel ($300). It took almost 2 weeks to get the parts and work completed. They provided me a loaner RX330 (don't have 470 loaners) for the duration. I picked it up today and drove off without paying a cent. My warranty has already paid for itself and I am only 4 weeks into a 3 year 36,000 mile plan. Joe
  6. Check ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...sspagename=WDVW $395.
  7. Naw...I haven't banged those rims on anything for about 6 or 7 months. I banged them on Moab slickrock last year...and some Rubicon granite before that. Not really trying to pawn them off on anyone...but scooter wants to see pics... ← Check ebay, there is a company out there that will trade your unchromed wheels for chromed. I have the chrome and considering getting them replated. It is a unique look that I have not seen on anyones vehicle yet. I did start to see more white LX's after we picked up ours..
  8. The dealer has a code book of all the items that can be enabled/disabled. They can do that for you.
  9. They are probably right about not having to use a Lexus battery. My wifes 2000 LX470 battery started failing, I called my service tech (Scott) and he said to stop by anytime. My wife stopped over with the kids in the truck he brought a technician over, tested it and put a new one in. She was in and out in 10 minutes. The price was probably higher than I could get on my own standing in line or making an appointment at sears or firestone but the service was spectacular. I didn't have to lug a battery around or deal with installation, disposal, etc. I know I paid a premium but received premium service in return. Good Luck!
  10. You are correct on the legality of xenon. Apparently august or september of 93 did them in. You have to order them as an "off road" option to get them. Again, they look great, the sylvania's are probably the better of the other options. I have had two fail on me. They are just easy to install. At some point I may invest in xenon. I use the sylvania's in my crossfire as well. The dealer told me that the projectors are setup for a xenon kit but who knows. I recall checking into a replacement xenon headlight for my mercedes C280 and it was $1,250 for one headlight. I finally convinced then I only needed a glass lens replacement ($100). Sylvanias are a good consumer grade tweak...
  11. I experimented with a higher wattage bulb 80W and 100Watt but they overall light was dimmer due to the extra draw on the system. It was quite odd. Sylvanias will be fine and they are easy for a nice tweak.
  12. I would already be on the phone with the regional Lexus rep and the corporate offices. Unless the dealer can prove it was neglect or normal wear and tear that is causing the failures you should be covered. I have to say my dealer (in Milwaukee) has been nothing but stellar on any issue I have had. They haven't ever questioned things, they just take care of it. I purchased the extended warranty, they did the inspection and after a long road trip I mentioned some annoyances. Well, $2,800 of covered repairs later everything is great and the warranty paid for itself.. Lexus doesn't want unhappy customers, let them know you are not happy. Good Luck! Joe what is your mileage? is the damper system separate from the struts/shocks? not sure how long they should last.
  13. a note is that the mirrors failing to return after backing up is somewhat common. I had that happen on my 2000, it was out of warranty but my dealer called Lexus and they covered it ($1,200 for 2 mirrors) I had to pay labor of $90..
  14. Check out Tirerack.com Have them delivered to a dealer or a tire install place from their site. They will call you when they arrive. I picked up 4 michilin LTX's, for under $600 delivered. Michilin had a $50 rebate also! I had them installed by the dealer when it was in for an oil change.
  15. I put the silverstars in and they work great, the color is a nice white vs a yellowish halogen. I have been considering moving to HID but it's another $500.. I put a dual headrest video system in for the kids instead. Stick with a name brand like Sylvania or PIAA. I tried other brands with a similar look and had one explode inside the light housing (not easy to clean out). Joe Also, I have read in other posts that you have to file the housing opening to fit the bulb. Not sure if newer bulbs fit correctly now.
  16. I purchased a dual headrest system from Autobarn.com Works great.
  17. A great site for diff information. http://www.safari4x4.com.au/80scool/george...iffs/diffs.html
  18. Here is the best explanation of the whole system I have found. This is from another post on this site. http://www.safari4x4.com.au/80scool/george...iffs/diffs.html it explains how it all works.
  19. Victor, not sure what the video output is on the factory dvd/navigation system is. I know there is an override available on ebay that will allow playback of movies while driving (apparently it's locked out when not in park). If the system has a composite vidoe/audio (RCA) out you can feed it into the headrest units. Ask you dealer or custom installer about it.
  20. r3run33, It runs independant of the stereo system. I powered it from the auxilary power plug (cigar lighter) in the center armrest. The system actually installed quite nicely in the center arm rest. I drilled a hole near the bottom and brought the video cable in to the player. The only thing I had to buy extra was a 90 degree rca jack to make the player stand in it's bottom facing up (so the controls are on the top). I used a bit of silicon glue to hold the dvd unit to the side of the arm rest storage area. You have to loose the cup holder tray but I never used that anyway. On your 18 month old, I used a portable player from Wallmart ($150) for about a year and a half with my son. He either held it or it strapped to the back of the seat. Either way it allowed us to travel from Charleston Sout Carolina to Milwaukee Wisconsin in a single 16 hour road trip.. I just recently added the headrest units since my daughter is just getting old enough to take interest in the videos.
  21. I hear the same thing, not sure what it is. There is so much electronics on these things, it could be vent adjustments or something. It's that kind of stuff that drove me to the extended warranty from Lexus that has already paid for itself in less than 3 months.
  22. If it is like the 2000 lx470 you need to be in park. Press and hold the program/memory key and press the #1 or 2. It should beep indicating it saved your settings as they exist. The master keys are expensive (I got one for $180 programmed by the dealer through an auto broker). Whatever the cost it is going to be cheaper than having to replace the ENTIRE lock system if you loose that master key. If that is gone they have to replace the power lock system, steering lock and door locks.
  23. A local installer wanted about $2,000 +tax for a dual headreset system in my 2000 LX. I did some research and found the vizualogic system was really the best. I ended up getting a system from Autobarn. The advantage series is really nice in that it supports 2 inputs with front monitor controls. You can feed a playstation or another DVD system into the second input. http://www.autobarn.net/viadsefukit.html The headrests matched perfectly. The DVD player is nice in that it remembers where it was when the vehicle is turned off. I installed it myself in about 3 hours. The DVD player and electronics installed in the center arm rest. Now that I have done it I could probably set it up in about an hour or so. If anyone gets one just email me and I will give you some tips. It has an FM modulator also to play the sound through the speakers in addition to the 2 channel wireless headphones (setup as A & B for the drivers and passenger headrest respectively). The advantage series is brighter than the older ones as well. I saved around $800 installing it myself.
  24. I agree on the Michelin LTX M/S they are awsome tires and have read nothing but great reviews. Not sure why lexus changed from them.
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