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Looking To Upgrade Audio On '95 300es

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Hello everyone. I'm a new member and I'm hoping to obtain some advice about upgrading my stock audio system. I have a 1995 300 es with the stock Pioneer Tape/Radio and a CD control for a changer. It does not now have a CD changer.

I would like to keep the tape option but would also like to add a CD and perhaps a Power Amp. I took a look at the unit today and don't see any pre-amp outs or CD imputs in the back. My questions:

1. Is it possible to get an indash CD/Tape Unit from a later Lexis model that will fit in the dash?

2. If not, is there a way of installing a CD player in the glove box as opposed to the trunk?

3. If I install a unit in the trunk, what type of wireing do I need?

B) 4. If I decide to just go aftermarket, do I need to replace all the wiring?

5. What would be your recom B) mendations?

Thanks so much. I look forward to chatting with the other members.


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question 1,.............. yes i have retrofitted a 2003 indash 6 disc to the 95 es300. it isnt cheap since 2002 units retail for 1900.00 new and 500.00 used.

queston 2 the 95 factory changer is too long to fit in the glovebox and the generation 2............ 97 up es300 cd changer inst compatible . i have installed the factory changer under the es300 passenger seat by running a new cd changer cable.but you already have a caBLE HIDDEN IN THE TRUNK BEHIND THE RIGHT SIDE TRUNK it would cost the price of a custom made cable extra to install under the passenger seat. i have the custom made cables for use on the es300 that come with a radio without a cd button. they are not prewired like your model that came with the cd controller cassette radio. the cd changer cable has the power to the changer so there are no wires to splice. the instalation would be plug in and play from the radio to the cd changer. you could run the cable under the sill plate. this type of factory cd changer install does not require profesional instaltion or any wiring diagrams like the aftermarket install would require.

question 3 ........the wiring is already prewired on a 95 es300 with a cd button radioto the left corner of the trunk. the cd changer factory bracket installs in predrilled holes in the trunk floor under the carpet. the cd changer cable connctors are 2 white 10 pin and 6 pin rectangular connectors wrapped in bubble wrap hidden in the upper left rear corner of the trunk behind the paneling.

question4 would need to splice into all the wiring . there is no speaker adapter wiring harness made for the radio plug like you could get for most other vehicles. most stereo shops would have trouble doing an aftermarket install cheaply . they would end up getting you to buy an entire new system with new speakers and amplifier . your present system uses high effeciency low watt speakers that do not sound good played with cheap aftermarket 200.00 cd player.

your system already has a power amp under the passenger seat but it is triggered by very low signal which aftermarket amps dont work with.

question 5..... i believe all first genertion lexus cars were overbuilt with very high quality items including your stereo system. your system has all made in japan conmponents current and sounds better than any aftermarket system under 5000.00. and i mean sounds better not louder. there are 8 speakers in your system which are powered by the under the passenger seat amplifier. the 8 speakers were designed to work perfectly with your vehicles interior.also the amplifier doesnt turn on to full fidelity untill you hook up the factory cd changer and push the cd button. then you will finally hear your stereo at full fidelity. the internal equalizer in the radio doesnt turn on factory amp for amfm or cassette play only for cd play. that is why an fm modualted changer sounds so poorly copared to the factory changer.the radio doesnt know cd is playing it thinks an fm station is playing. also the fm signal is interfered with by fm stations in your area. any high watt aftermarket system would be prone to bad vibrations and would cause electrical problems especially if high watt system as the amp would be on all the time due to radio amplifier turn on circuit not functioning correctly. so my recomendation for the best fidelity and cheapest route is installing the factory changer either in the trunk with the factory brackets on the floor or also could hang from rear trunk ceiling with aftermarket pioneer brackets or under the passenger seat. as mentioned in question 2.

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