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  1. it could be bad power supply for the screen or a short in power wires for screen very rare. what is common is that the 4 small power wires to lcd screen it self have been pulled loose. the internal power supply wiring goes to screen through a small 4 pin connector to the screen which is easily broken if pulled on. that connector has to be gently removed with small screw driver prying it off by on the 2 sides of connector. it if not the wires pull loose if pulled on which would be giving an off on effect. so my diagnosis is that the lcd screen was replaced previously because of common touch screen not working. in process of replacing the screen the power wires were pulled loose and difficult to install back into connector tightly. I can sell and send a working screen assembly for 700.00 and will send 350.00 back after you return the broken unit. 99 % I can repair the broken unit you send back. . I have replaced dozens of screens and pulled the power wires out the first time myself so quite aware of pitfalls. . also the replacement unit I will send has a 2009 lcd screen in it with touch screen defective solder removed. i am sure the screen you had replaced is just another 2006 7 8 lcd screen which will fail again as far is the touchscreen touch not working. problem
  2. if you install a toyota factory nav like the e7009 it will fit right in the factory bezel found in harriers. it is also plug in and play for the amp.or the sound system can be upgraded by adding the mark levinson amp( plug in and play)which triples watt output. your current pioneer system speakers can take the increased watts better than the mark levinson speakers. the pioneer sperakers actually cost more than the mark levinsonn speakers. you could also upgrade to factory nav that knows where you are 3 different ways and the stereo could be upgraded to mark levinson dvd cd changer to play movies on the nav screen. aftermarket navigation installs are poor choices that hurt value of the vehicle at sale time. there are no pioneer repair places anymore as their merchandise is nt repaiable after the one year warranty is over. the next person buying your rx can go to dealer if having a minor problem and they will know how to help with programming or nnew map etc. by the way the pioneer parts made for lexus are made in usa or japan. pioneer aftermarket parts are made in 3rd world electronic countries.
  3. for less than 1000.00 you can install factory nav retrofit kit in your rx300 and it will inrease the value of the rx300 as only 3 % of them came with factory nav. if you put in aftermarket stuff.( with life expectancy of less than 1 year before they break). it lowers value of the vehicle. there are no aftermarket stere system lexus for sale on any lexus used car lot. by the time you get an aftermarket system installed and stereo sounding anywhwere close to the factory one it will be way over 1000.00. thern when it breaks one day after the warranty is up who will know how to work on it. the lexus parts are made in japan not some third world country. most factory units are still working well after 10 years. you cant say that for this new crop of aftermarket navigation systems.
  4. its ussualy the amp under the passenger seat getting moisture. if the cd still shows working on the radio lcd and no sound it is the amp 99 % of the time. there are 2 amps. one is nakamichi and one is pioneer. it says which system on radio face or if covered up by woodgrain it shows on tthe cassette flap door. p for pioneer n for nakamichi.
  5. FYI, the new replacement touch screens sold on ebay are the same defective part number that is in your current non working lexus is250/350 navigation screen. so if you replaced yours with new defective screens they sell on ebay the screen digitizer would also go bad with time. the 2006 2007 and 2008 is250 is350 and isf screens were all defective. since it wasnt a safety defect lexus did not have to replace them all . dcfish guru member has acsess to replacement with non defective screen with lifetime warranty. please contact dcfish on this club for more info. the defect seems to show up from owners in warm climates like southern usa and middle eastern countries.
  6. sorry for late reply. no disc usually means the laser is out not that its missing. the 2001 had the very first dvd map based nav system and have been all going bad so dont recommend another 2nd gen computer. dc fish is the club conatct for buying the latest 4th gen computer possible that is plug in and play and comes with 4th gen 2011 map 11.1 map. the 5th and 6th gen computers are not compatble with your 2001 model. if the map is truly missing when you push the eject button then any gen 2/3 map will work but the memory in those first computers sometimes wont hold all the data from the latesty map/ atest map.
  7. lines indicate interferece with the rgb cable runnng from the right rear under the floor mounted nav computer. which runs to the screen. so first make sure that water hasnt found its way under the floor boards. leaking ice coolers are a common cause in the summer time. another common cause is an aftertmarket item a rear view canera by nav tool has been added. usually the factory back up camera is not the cause. but it is defintely that 18 pin plug that goes into computer that is getting interfence. try unplugging it and spraying with wd40 that should remove any water cxondesation on the connctor. you have to remove the trunk floor to get to the nav computer.
  8. i guess dc fish is on vacation . he usually handles navigation retriofit kits questions. yes a complete kit with all parts needed to convert your rx300 to fACTORY NAV IS AVAILBLE THROUGH THE CLUB. it comes with both photo and wriitten directions. it uses mint condition used parts and has 3 year warranty. comes with a 2011 map. with the photo and written directions so even a novice at installing stereo systems can due it. it includes the navigation screen 4th gen 2007 gps computer (not the 2nd gen that came with the 2001 rx300 nav.) . gps antenna and retrofit wiring harness also included. ,optional with the navigation radio you can add ipod or satellite receivers which show on the nav screen.and go through the factory amp not fm or tape modulated. the non nav rx300 radio can not add any peripherals only the factory nav back up camera is possible but not part of the kit. the club also retrofits es350 2007 tn 2012 from non n av to factory nav. also 2006 gs430 can be retrofitted to eith 4th gen factory nav or even 2007 to 2009 5th gen factory nav also 2006 to 2009 is350 or is250 can be retrofitted to factory nav with 5th gen nav. so far the 2010 up 6th gen factory navs havent had any retrofit kits made for sale by the club. the lexus will have to be driven to the tech team in ohio to make the prototype 6th gen retrofit kit. once the kit is made than it would be made available by mail oder.
  9. try to insert a dvd and that should turn it on. i have the factory remote for your vehicle. email dcfish my club sales contact for a price.
  10. if you havent got a nav yet i can help with retrofit factory navigation. the 2006 400h is 4th genration and 2007 to 2009 5th generation . both generations can either install the original factory nav where your ac control panel ns swapped out or the toyota type nav where the radio is swapped out. with bezel you have. i do all 4 of the retrofits with complete kits with all the parts needed.recently i just swapped out the 4th gen system nav system on the 2006 rx400h for the 5th gen n2007 nav unit so i have done every possible factory retrofit. also have installed 5th gen mark levinson system with dvd cd changer with surround sound in both 4th and 5th gen nav equipped rx350 or 400h . since the dash fitment didnt chage from 2004 to 2009 everthing is possible. dcfish is my club contact who handles the sales. email him for more information
  11. you need the 5th genration map. the 2007 was u30, 2008 u31 , 2009 u32 2010 u33 2011 u34. any of these will work . they have 9 powderblue dots at 7 oclock so easy to spot by color and position . your euro map should also have smae 9 powderblue dots. was the usa computer working well with euro maP. I have been told that the language is only in english and voice not fully functional. is that trrue of your unit?
  12. the 2004 ls430 had a defect in the electronic board soldering and was prone to those defects. i have a 2005 unit that will cure the problem do not buy another 2004 as they all eventually will become defective. contact dcfish for more info . all you need is the electronic boards not a new lcd screen like the is350 owners need.
  13. if you havent fixed your screen on your 2011 es350 yet it can now be repaired. contact dcfish in this forum for informatrion.
  14. i think i know how to make your usa gps work in sweden. email me at pioneersuby@woh.rr.com or call at 937 322 1760. i need to ask some questions prior to answering.
  15. email me at pioneersuby@woh.rr.com and i will send you color photo directions on removing the rx330 screen
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