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Ive been looking for some rims to buy for a while,b\c im planning to replace my stock ones maybe within a year.

I have found the ones i REALLY REALLY like. when i saw a pic of sk's car. The giovanna anzios. Ive looked in many places and everywhere they come up no cheaper then a set of 4 for like 2100 :censored:

Is that how much you paid?!!!!

if it is do you know of any rims that look like this but are maybe a differnt,cheaper, company. I was looking for around the 1300 range. :whistles:

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hmm just found a differnt pair that looks sorta like the ones i like ,the giovanna genoa, was happy to see a price tag of 279 each and then realized it was for the silver ones and the chrome ones cost just as expensive as the other one :chairshot: .

i did just find some diablo lianharts though,and they dont look half bad at all at a price of 249 each!

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I payed 2600 for mine new with crap kuhmo's

replaced them with toyo t1-s.

so add about 1000 more for the tires.

who knows i am going to be selling mine soon.

if i get my hands on a set of 19's i like.

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damn!!!!! lol well im just a teen so i dont have that kind of money to spend on rims.

hmm i thought 18 is biggest you can get for lexus,or are u going to somehow modify the whole wheel area so they fit.

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We sell Anzio's... I can beat any other price you find.

Also If you're interested I can save you even more with another line we sell. They're the exact molds that Giovanna wheels are manufactured by a company in Japan. They're ~$85/wheel cheaper.

Let me know if you're interested and I can help you out.


Todd Dickerson



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