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Sticky Gas Pedal - 92 Ls 400

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Hi, I have a great 92 LS 400 that I love. I am willing to try do-it-yourself maintenance on miner stuff, but I'm not sure what to do.

My gas pedal sticks so that the engine jumps when I press on the gas. :blink: Is there a simple method to make this smooth again?

PS, I think this board adds a lot of value to a Lexus. :cheers:


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Only a couple of things can make the gas pedal stick. Use some lithium grease (it comes in a spray can) and lube the cables at the pedal and other end in the engine. I'd also check to make sure the cable isn't kinked. The other causes could be a kinked cable, or even a dirty throttle plate intake, but that usually effects idle more.

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Good Evening,

There's a real good chance that the problem is in the throttle body/induction system.

Asking your tech for a throttle/induction cleaning should cost under $100. If your Lexus dealer wants your paycheck, check with Toyota. Either way, they spray the throttle plate with a can of cleaner, and run a second through the intake vacuum lines. If the system is really sticking, a manual cleaning may be the only solution.

Occasional use of fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank reduces this problem.

You can do this job yourself, but it is a bit messy for the beginner. You'll need:

Basic Generic manual throttle cleaning:

- Two to three hours you have to spare

- Repair manual

- Plastic gloves (if you're not used to getting really greasy)

- Eye protection

- Throttle body spray cleaner, 2 cans.

- Several cotton rags (paper towels not recommended.)

- Cotton swabs (medical ones with wooden handles are best)

- Good flashlight

- 10mm and 12mm sockets to take off the intake tube.

- Screwdrivers with plastic handles (Craftsman works real well)

- Narrow putty knife, with edge in very good condition, no burrs.

- Extra patience.

Read all directions in advance.

- Remove the rubber intake tube from the throttle body.

- You'll see a brass circular plate, which may be covered partially with a black tarry mess. Place a rag under the end of the intake. Using the cleaner, spray everything you see. Stubborn or hardened material can be "encouraged" with the putty knife. Be extra careful not to scratch anything. Pay special attention to any holes, clean them well with the spray and the cotton swabs.

- Manually open the throttle, look inside with the flashlight. Be shocked, it's black and nasty. Select a plastic screwdriver handle that fits between the top of the opening, and the plate. Gently let the throttle close against the handle.

- Now the hard work: clean everything you see. the most critical area is the first inch or so, because that's where the plate moves, and where several vacuum ports are that may need special attention. You'll sacrifice many rags right here. because this stuff doesn't always go away easily.

- You can remove some of these small rubber lines (one at a time) and squirt the cleaner through them to the intake using the long tube on your cleaner can.

- Don't try and get everything hospital sterile. Take some breaks.

- When you're done, let things sit for 20 min or so, allowing the cleaner to evaporate. Put it all back together.

- The car will run rough for a few seconds when you start it, and may need a little throttle to keep it running.

At this point, there should be no sticking at take off.

I hope I've covered everything. Let me know how you went. I've done this at the garage and at home on several vehicles, but only on "extreme" cases. Good quality fuel and occasional bottles of injector cleaner are good insurance.

Best of luck.

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Wow! This place is amazing for great info. The more I look at those instructions, the more I think its not sticking so bad... I think I will take it in and have it done.

It realy isn't that bad, but I am so crazy about this car, I want everyting to be perfect on it. I may try the lithium grease first myself and see how that goes. I will let you know how it goes. If that doesn't solve it, then I will bring it in.

Even if I don't do the work myself, it makes such a difference to know exactly what needs to be done.

Thanks a lot.


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urt Oberg posted a very detailed photo essay on this very topic. I have a copy on my home computer, but I am in New Jersey right now. When I get back to VB on Sunday I can email it to you. Better yet, contact Oberg or do a search.

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