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Bought a car with higher miles 208XXX it was overheating and didn't get it home in time.... blew a headgasket. I love this car and got it for very cheap so I"m prepared to put money into and keep it long term. I"m trying to find a JDM longblock to put into it but running into trouble. I see earlier versions of the GS400 on ebay and on different JDM importers. What engine should I be looking for? Also anyone give me advice, the shop quoted me 3K for head gasket, and It looks like I should be able to get a JDM used short block for about 1k-1500? With labor runs me about $3500 but I'd get an engine I would feel good about get a timing belt changed etc etc and start somewhat fresh. Imput would be appreciated because I will have to make a decision when I get back from vacation Monday.


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Get a long block used. The only engine earlier than yours is the '98 model, and I believe they are the same. I wouldn't trust the overheated engine, nor would I put any money into it.

Solve the overheating problem too....if it hasn't been already.

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Get the GTE version of it. Its a little more powerful and just as reliable. Gas mileage will not be your best friend, but having a 4 door Supra is fun. The longblock goes for a descent and affordable price as well. The swap itself is not difficult to do. You will NOT need a new transmission since the GE and GTE both share the same bolt pattern around the bell housing. Only thing is though, the GE transmissions hold up to 400 horse power before anything internal has to be done. While you have the motor out, might as well change the torque converter.

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