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Has Anyone Done Suspension Mods On The Rx?

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Hi All

I have an 07 RX 350 AWD and I feel the suspension is, by design, a little too soft for my liking.

The only aftermarket solution I can find is the one made by Eibach. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link or not.

Has anyone used this, or any other kit?

How did you find the handling and ride after? Did it improve/ get too harsh or choppy?



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Not to bash the idea of a suspension mod, but isn't the point of driving these RX's to have a soft ride? I have an 07 Matrix XR lowered on Tein S-techs & as much as I enjoy my Matrix, I love jumping into the wife's RX & enjoying the smooth, silky ride that it offers.

To awnser your question though, yes there are options for swapping out the suspension. To OP: are you looking for a more ridged ride, possibly lowering? Or are you just trying to get quicker response to handling with stiffer suspension? Can you post the link to the Eibach kit you looked at?

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hi there

I guess my aim is not to get a rigid or bumpy ride, but perhaps lower the car by approx 10-20mm and mainly to reduce its roll and make it a little more responsive out of corners.

I used to have a Mazda CX7 which, for all its other faults!, handled much better than my RX

This was the sort of thing I was thinking of:


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