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Sc300 Lower Control Arm

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1993 SC300 82K miles

I'm getting a thud at low speed over speed bumps. No noticable handling or cornering concerns. My mechanic tells me that the lower control arm bushings are bad- but that replacement bushings are not available and only come with the lower control arm. The Lower control arms were quoted to me at $660 a piece.

What are the alternatives here?

1) Is there a source for replacement bushings?

2) Is there a lower cost source for the control arm?

3) Does this sound bogus?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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You can hit up our search. We have gathered enough info on a lot of items to get a nice amount of info together. There is a thread in the worksop tutorials section with the SC control arm job detailed. Also our faq has some info. There are also pictures of the bushings and the job in our gallery thanks to our members here.

To answer your question - Daizen makes bushings that will replace the old ones in the existing arm. The bushing swap is a chore though. Your mechanic might not want to do it if he is not hurting for cash. But who knows. Also, try our vendor JPI if you are looking for a whole arm or even input. The banner is up top. Good luck.

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