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Bluetooth Doesn't Always Connect To Phone

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Hi all

I've noticed on my 07 RX350 with factory bluetooth, that it sometimes doesn't connect to my phone. It seems to happen roughly 25% of the time. Sometimes I need to manually connect using the phone, and sometimes even that doesn't work...

Anyone else have this problem?

My phone is a Sony Ericsson C902

I haven't brought it up with the Service Dept as I'm sure it will work when they try it!



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Same here. Sometimes I have to turn the vehicle off, then back on before it connects. My old phone Samsung Instinct worked flawlessly, but my newer phone HTC Legend does some weird things with the Lexus Bluetooth. Too bad Lexus wasn't forward thinking enough to have some way to upgrade the Bluetooth firmware in the system.

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Every once and a while i have the same issue, though i've narrowed it down to my phone. When i first got my Rx400h i had another phone than i do now, and it worked flawlessly. A few months ago i got a new phone and now i have problems getting it to connect. Apparently whenever i turn my phone off, it resets the Bluetooth so it's no longer visible. I find myself having to reprogram my bluetooth about twice a week.

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I sometimes think it's my phone...but other times I think the car fails to connect if I touch something on the touchscreen while it's trying to connect.

eg...if I change the climate control setting, or audio setting...

still experimenting

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