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Wheel Cap Replacement

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Are the wheel caps easy enough to remove? If so how and can anyone recommend a place other than the dealer to get new wheel caps for a 2001 GS300. Mine has the gold package on it and I want to change it to silver or any other color than gold.

Many thanks,


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You could try Sewell Lexus ( They are much less expensive than most dealers and frequently offer special discounts for Club Lexus forum members. Other than that, you could go to a salvage yard or just strip the gold plating off the emblems on your existing center caps.

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Once you have the wheel off, take the handle end of a hammer ( the wooden end ) and gently bump the cap out of the wheel from the inside.

My GS had satin finish chrome caps that were in tough shape ( in 2004 ) I actually got Sewell Lexus to send me four of the chrome ones, and they look like new after seven years. Once I had their part number I checked with my local dealer, and the price was nearly the same, although I get a shop discount. So your local dealer may sell very close to Sewell.

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I also bought wheel caps for my 2000 LS400 from Sewell ... after registering on Sewell's website with a Lexus forum member name to get a nice discount -- chrome caps with chrome logos to replace the original chrome caps that had gold logos. I think I paid about $80 for the set of four but that was several years ago.

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