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Removing Passenger Seat

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The seat is secured to the floor with 4 bolts. If the seat motor works, move the seat all the way back. Using a screwdriver, wedge off the plastic covers over the front bolts and remove with 13mm (or 15mm ?) wrench or socket. Next move the seat all the way forward, remove the plastic covers and the same sized bolts from the rear. Finally disconnect the seat track wiring connector which is centered under the seat, and the seat can be removed from the car. I did this awhile back to replace the motors in the driver's seat and later to replace the leather upholstery on both seats-- lots of hog-rings!

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Rob...I am about to attempt to change the upholstery (front seats) in my '97 SC400. Any suggestions for removing the old seat covers? Was this a difficult procedure? Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay BLee. This wasn't too difficult but it was time-consuming. It took me the better part of a day to complete the driver's seat since I hadn't done anything like this before. I would get a good exploded diagram of the seats. During disassembly you will need to pry off the old hogrings to remove the upholstery-- I used two pairs of extra-long needlenose pliers. Notice where the old attachments were when installing the new pieces. For the new replacement upholstery, I bought a roll of bailing wire thin enough to be able to snip sections to feed into the attachment sleeves. You will need hogring pliers to cinch the new seat covers. I used about 300 hogrings for the whole job-- front and back seats. The trickiest part was aligning the top of the front seatbacks where the headrests attach. Be careful cutting the holes for the headrest bars and the button for the headrest adjustment. Good luck. The end result is well worth the effort.

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