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Side Mirrors

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Does anyone know if these mirrors are plug and play with a 2007 IS? I'd consider swapping mine out if the signal lights were ready to go, but don't want to have to do a bunch of wiring to get there. Thanks.

2007 IS250: Mirrors: Non-Dimming Non-Tilting Set - Both mirrors feature Light Emitting Diode (LED) puddle lamps (part of the Illuminated Entry System) located on the underside of each mirror to facilitate entering and exiting of the vehicle at night.

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I was wondering the same thing,

is it a big deal to replace???

@TX1911fan $600 kind of steep

Guys any1?

Sewell sells them for $434.86 if your register with an automobile forum member name.

Gosh, you would lose auto-dimming and auto tilt. Why would anybody want these things.

I don't know if the 2007 IS has a turn signal wire at the outside mirror housing. If not, wiring the mirror turn signals might take some dash disassembly or even running wires for the mirror signals to the front of the car.

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