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How To Remove Carpet From Under Passenger Seat?

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Hi all

My 07 RX350 has the aftermarket rear-seat DVD player with the headrest mounted screens. This came with the car when I bought it recently used.

Anyway, now one of the screens has died suddenly and I'm trying to access the junction box that seems to be under the carpet below the passenger seat!

From what I can see, I don't know how the installers got this unit under there. The carpet seems to be perfectly positioned, as indeed are all the trim panels. (This is not what I've experienced from most places here that work on cars!)

Any ideas on how I could remove carpet underneath the seat, without actually removing the seat?

I was thinking of cutting the carpet, but was hoping there'd be some other suggestion!


Thank you

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Remove the door sill (the piece with the "LEXUS" illuminated logo) and you'll see how the carpet's held down with several clips/staples. The sill comes off with just your hands, it's only held down with clips. <_<

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Hi cduluk

I got as far as exactly what you outlined in your message. HOwever that didn't allow me enough access to the junction box which is under the carpet, directly under the seat... Lifting the carpet near the sill did allow me to see the box, but not actually remove it..



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So it's directly under the seat? The only other entrance is from the center console or from the back seat area. Can you lift the carpet in the rear door? If that doesn't work, you might need to remove the center console (the one that slides between the two front seats).

Can you take and post a picture of what you can see? If i know exactly where it is i'll know exactly how to get to it. I've been down there running wires before. <_<

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in the end I actually cut into the carpet just around the rear floor-vent area directly under the passenger seat.

Managed to bring out the DVD junction box and headphone transmitter.

Luckily the passenger seat slides a surprisingly long way forward, allowing much easier access to the floor under it.

Now I've got to hope that the carpet will stick down again...using velcro tabs or something similar.


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