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Transmission Leaking


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Hi guys,

My transmission is leaking automatic gear fluid when i start the car,and the transmission oil is coming from the junction btw the shaft entrance into the gear on the left side,it is not from the pan.It shifts fine and moves great but the problem is the transmission fluid leaks.

After some research i discover it might be the seals both back and front,which i changed and yet the fluid persist.Someone said it might be the torque converter or the transmission pumps.

Any ideas as to what is wrong with my transmission????

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated

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If and only if the fluid leakage flow rate you are observing is very slow, as reflected by a few drips apparent on pavement where you park, I suggest that you find a vendor for ATP brand Re-Seal fluid. It is currently sold in three package sizes, 2-ounce spray can, 8-ounce liquid bottle and transmission-shop-sized 5-gallon bucket. I suggested to ATP's marketing director that they should be offering it in 128-ounce (one gallon) jugs with 1-ounce per stroke pump cap. But as of this date, you have to choose between 8-ounces or 640-ounces (5 gallons).

This product is unlike any of the many other competing products I've tried. It will not turn seals into a gooey mess that seals better for a while but later tends to fail completely. For seepage losses from shaft seals, it seems to be the most satisfactory product I've found. Amazon lists some vendors who sell it, but you may be able to find it at a local vendor.

Very few "mechanic in a can" type product performances can justify their price. I feel this is an exception. I have no financial affiliation with ATP. I was formerly very skeptical.

If you are experiencing higher flow rate fluid losses, replacing your shaft seals will be required. While shaft seals are not free, replacing them as a preventative measure is fully justified when you separate engines from transmissions. I'm suggesting replacing BOTH engine crankshaft seals and transmission input shaft seals when you have them separated. Too many Lexus engines go a quarter million miles before they begin using oil, and even then most of their oil loss may be from these seals leaking.

I know that there are at least half a dozen stop leak products with save-your-receipt money back guarantees if they don't work.

Yet I'm strongly suggesting making the extra effort to find ATP's Re-Seal instead.


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