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Recently bought and sold a set of 93-94 LS400 center caps for my '92 LS400. My original center caps had gold emblems and did not match the rest of the cars silver emblems. Found a set of center caps with silver emblems on Ebay, cost me $50 with shipping, seller was in CA, center caps looked like new, was I happy and what a deal. Checked around for new ones and they can run around $50+ each. I sold my original 16" center caps with gold emblems on Ebay for $50 and broke even on the deal. Will check for name of seller on Ebay, looked like he specialized in wheel covers/center caps. Also I'll try to get you the part number, center caps have the same part number for either silver and gold emblems. Four Door.

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AlmightyLexus I bought the center caps from <>. Checked Ebay he doesn't have any LS400 center caps listed but you could ask him if he can find some for you. Also rechecked price I paid, $36.00 and $5.95 shipping, what a deal. Keep an eye on Ebay, but doubt you will find them that cheap. Four Door.

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