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Adding A Oem Navigation To 2008 Lexus Rx 350

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I would also like to have that information on the oem Navi with back up camera. Thanks

hey dci have an 09 old style without nav and to would like too add it what would i all require to make it work and do u have it in stock?

What year RX ?

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I am looking for info purchase/install Navigation to my RX358 2008

Is there such an aminal? Only had vehicle a short time thought it would be easy to do...but not so far.


That's a "practical" impossibility.

Better overall to buy a portable GPS/Nav, Garmin, an Iphone (or the "like").

You could trade up to a 2010 or later model and get a more functional front biased "AWD" but even at that I wouldn't recommend a "captive" GPS.

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While I like the built in nav concept, the Nippondenso unit in my '05 RX330 is the least intuitive and klutziest system I've ever used even allowing for its age. The latest software is installed.

By contrast, I can pick up my iPhone and say:"take me to (address) from here" and within a few seconds I'm on my way.

My $.02

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I would like to put nav in my 08 RX 350, price and detail please. Please email me if this can be done. It is a non-nav car.


Khoi nguyen

PS: where are you located? I am in San diego, CA

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Hello Dcfish,


I too would like information for a 2005 RX330 to add OEM Nav. I have a license plate mounted backup camera using a winshield mounted monitor, So I would only be concerned about nav.


Thank you,

Charles (254K330)

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