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  1. DCFISH I would like to put nav in my 08 RX 350, price and detail please. Please email me if this can be done. It is a non-nav car. kknguyen1168@yahoo.com V/r Khoi nguyen PS: where are you located? I am in San diego, CA
  2. anybody know where I can get the used one " IDLE CONTROL UNIT SC400 1995" V/r Khoi Nguyen kknguyen1168@yahoo.com
  3. I have the same problem, please tell me how to clean idle control unit and where it locate. V/r Khoi Nguyen SC400 1995 kknguyen1168@yahoo.com
  4. please show me how to clean the throttle body please, I have the same problem, and where is the throttle body locate?? can you send me some picture please. V/r Khoi Nguyen kknguyen1168@yahoo.com
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