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Gx470 Air Suspension Problem


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I have the same rough ride problems mentioned here in a few posts. Trying to get to root cause. I did a height reset (set to low - wait, set to high - wait, drive off) and see that rubber bumper to axle gap is somewhere between 1 and 1.5". Rides okay in that situation. Not sure why/how but height lowers itself (example is overnight last night) until bumpers are resting on axles. Does this mean my airbags or compressor are leaking? Didn't check to see if height reduced to same on both sides but will check this next chance. Can I infer a different root cause if both sides drop the same than if only 1 side drops over night?

Also, when I reset height, is 1" - 1.5" between axle and rubber stop/bumper about right? Doesn't seem like much shock travel.

mann777 - On another post on a similar topic, you referred to p/n 48910-60020 and described it as a solenoid. When I searched that part on toyota parts zone it indicates that p/n is the compressor ($470). Did you mean the compressor or perhaps there's a different p/n for the solenoid itself? The ride height sensors look to be $270ish, so I was hoping the solenoid was potentially a cheaper part that would be worth pursuing as root cause.

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Stuln, It is called as "Height Control Solenoid Valve'. It is not the full compressor, but it a part which sit rite on top of the compressor kinda a bracket assy.If you under warranty, ask them to refer to the TSB SU002-05 which refers to " VEHICLE HEIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM:C1735 EXHAUST SOLENOID VALVE CIRCUIT. This rectifies your defect. hope this helps

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I took the advice of another poster and reset the height by going to the low setting, letting it lower, going to high setting, letting it rise, then driving away. It reset itself to have about 2" between stop and axle. I know I did this once and it reset to be down on the stops at least 1 time (overnight). However, I did this again 3 or 4 days ago and the ride height has remained at that level since. Not sure what is going on with it, but if it stays put my problems seems to have gone away.

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I've been having a similar issue recently with my 05 GX, but the problem is that the ride is too high. My commute is less than 2 miles round trip every day, but when the suspension is on the fritz the ride becomes so bad that I wouldn't be surprised if the rear axle detaches at some point. Thank goodness I haven't had any passengers recently as I fear they would have been catapulted into the ceiling.

Moreover, the height control indicator intermittently flashes "off" and it doesn't seem to always coincide with when the car is riding rough. Sometimes the problem seems to correct itself. For example, the ride was terrible leaving the parking garage this afternoon, but when I got out at a mailbox less than a 1/2 mile away, everything looked normal. I got back in and the rest of the ride home was fine.

There are a number of other GXs in my parking garage at work and I've parked alongside for comparison, the gap (between the top of my Michelin(s) and the upper part of the wheel well) is significantly higher than the other GXs I've compared it to. Does this sound like the same solenoid issue?

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Same issue with my '05.  Dreading on interacting with a dealer for a fix.  Can a regular mechanic handle this?  One wanted to take out the air suspension and replace it with springs.  Anyone know if this works?

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My ‘06 470 developed a TOTAL UP rear end with a very bumpy ride.

I followed the advice from the Forum and YouTube. I replaced the TWO ride SENSORS, L and R. I purchased the parts on Amazon, $109.

1. Raised rear end onto jack stands. 
2. Removed wheels L&R.

3. SLOWLY removed each SENSOR. (I soaked the mounting hex bolts with JB Blaster)

4. Replaced SENSORS in reverse order.

5. Once the wheels were back on the ground I disconnected the battery for 10mins.

6. Once electric power was restored the car VERY SLOWLY returned to NORMAL stance.

7. I spent 8hrs total. I’m NOT a highly skilled mechanic, with a very basic tool box.


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