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Anybody Wanna Trade Their '10 450H For An '08 Ls460?

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I've been hanging on the LS460 forum for a couple years and never seen one of these trades before...just thought I'd give it a try.

My 70-year old wife has encountered a problem with her leg/hip wherein the relatively low slung LS460 has become problematic on entering and exiting. She can handle the RX's elevation much better.

This is a 2008 LS460 with 31,000 miles in excellent condition. It's the Nobel red color, kind of a metallic candy apple red and tinted windows.

Has Nav package and equipped as attached below. I am the original/only owner.

It has the $2K Platinum extended Service Contract for 7-years/75,000 miles, effective Mar '08.

Has four near-new Michelin X-Ice snow tires used one season. Just returned from a trip to FL and got 27 to 30 MPG running 75 to 85. Around town it gets ~20 MPG.

All service and oil changes have been done at dealer and have all paperwork, even have the wrinkled/torn window sticker. Always garaged, non-smoker.

The price was $67,792+ and is paid for.

I'm looking for a 2010 RX450h and would like to trade straight across if RX is similarly loaded with Nav, etc.. Just wondering if anyone is less than enchanted with their 450h and offering a chance to get out of it and into a beautiful 380 HP Stratolounger without going through the lo$ing drama of a dealer shake-down.

Would prefer the Cirulean Blue or most anything except the blacks.


Golden, CO






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