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  1. I have an '08 and am real happy with it. You might check and make sure the Valve Spring Recall has been done. Whit
  2. Most flashers on high-end cars now days are enclosed in a thin foam layer, to make it quiet. If you can locate the flasher you might peel the foam off...might help. Or you could add a piezo, sonalert in the wiring. Radio Shack carries them. Whit
  3. Had mine done in November, no problems. Runs like it always did. Whit
  4. I think I'd be looking for another 'very good garage' or at least let the manager/owner know that he has a moron working for him. Whit
  5. I'd say the '08LS is considerable quieter than the E's I've used as loaners during service. I agree the interior lighting is underwhelming, as is the trunk. What I've done is to stash one of those small 9-LED flashlights in the overhead glasses pocket. I have a thin piece of foam around it to keep it from rattling. Whit
  6. I'm thinking the main difference when engaging the sport/power mode is that it allows higher revs before upshifting. Whit
  7. Yeah, gonna miss her on the national main-stream-media news every night... <_< Whit
  8. I was thinking around $48K, there's a bunch of them on Autotrader in the $50's Whit
  9. I've been hanging on the LS460 forum for a couple years and never seen one of these trades before...just thought I'd give it a try. My 70-year old wife has encountered a problem with her leg/hip wherein the relatively low slung LS460 has become problematic on entering and exiting. She can handle the RX's elevation much better. This is a 2008 LS460 with 31,000 miles in excellent condition. It's the Nobel red color, kind of a metallic candy apple red and tinted windows. Has Nav package and equipped as attached below. I am the original/only owner. It has the $2K Platinum extended Service Cont
  10. FYI -

    You might want to update the ( 1. 90 - 06 Lexus LS400 / LS430

    2. 07 - 09 Lexus LS460 / LS460L

    ) menu on the LS460 pages to include

    the 2010's too, there wasn't any real change, probably won't be for 2011 either.


  11. Checkout the thread at: Whit
  12. UK miles are half that of US miles Must be because they drive on the wrong side of the road? :whistles: Whit
  13. Seems to me the LS holds over 9 quarts of dino juice. Also it has a cannister-type filter, probably takes longer to swap out than the spin-on type most other cars have. Whit
  14. The local environazis have mandated ethanol in the 7 counties along Colorado's front range urban corridor for the winter months. The only thing different I've noticed is the mileage is about 5% all my vehicles, for the duration of the winter months. Whit
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