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  1. They're ok. Great performance but the noise level is not that great, and my mpg is not any better than a non-LRR tire. Also they do not have the lip to protect the wheels.
  2. Maybe the AC compressor, belt, or refrigerant is low in the system.
  3. Not really, the longer it runs on battery, the more it needs to recharge from the gas engine. Here are some tips for better MPG in the RX400h: - Keep your tire pressure at 38-40 PSI. - Get low rolling resistance tires (LRR) if you don't have them. The OEM Michelin S8 tires are LRR (Green-X). These will add about 3 MPG to non-LRR tires. - Turn off the A/C if possible (summer AND winter, in AUTO mode the AC is on by default at any set temp). Go to the climate screen and disable AC, and you can still keep it in AUTO without running the A/C compressor. - Use the heat sparingly in winter. Having a high set temp will make the engine run longer, especially until the engine is warmed up (157° F and up). The heated seats can compensate for a lower cabin temp. - Keep it under 42 mph to allow longer gliding on battery only. Feather the gas to keep it around 40 mph. Works great when the speed limit is 35 or 40. I can sometimes get up to 1-2 miles on battery only. - A highway speed of 50-60 mph will get you MUCH better MPG than 60-80 mph. My experience in summer: 55 mph - 32 mpg, 75 mph - 26 mpg. - Don't accelerate hard, coast as much as possible, and brake lightly to use regenerative braking instead of the friction brakes. - Buy a ScanGauge computer so you can see the engine RPM and engine temp, so you can practice keeping it in battery only stealth mode at 0 rpm. - Make sure to perform the ISC reset any time the 12V battery is disconnected for service or gets low on charge. The effectiveness of this is debatable but it can't hurt.
  4. Once you open a door, the windows stop working after taking the key out.
  5. Maybe the battery is getting low causing the clock to not keep it setting?
  6. There are separate chime buzzers in the front and rear of the 400h. Maybe the collision damaged the front buzzer. By the way, the dealer can program the settings to unlock all doors with one press of the unlock button on the fob (I like it much better that way).
  7. Fuse #64 under the dash is for AFS, but it also powers several other safety functions such as headlight levelers and vehicle dynamic control, so I would not recommend removing it.
  8. See if there is a fuse for AFS in one of the fuse boxes and pull it.
  9. For the mirror tilting down in reverse, only the side selected with the power mirror switch will tilt down in reverse (L or R). With the switch in the neutral position, the mirrors will not tilt in reverse.
  10. All the shiny black trim around the side windows is some kind of vinyl shrink wrap. You may try a hairdryer or heat gun to re-shrink it and smooth it over. Be careful or you could make it worse. The first pic of the front triangle piece looks like it may have been dented/damaged at some point. Is there an accident history on the vehicle?
  11. p.s. I see a little round sensor type thing near bottom left of windshield (next to registration sticker). What does that do? Ambient light sensor for the auto headlights.
  12. They don't move much to the right by design. At least it's not really noticeable. They move more to the left for the driver to see around left corners better, due to the driver's position for a left-hand drive model. I believe it's the opposite for the right-hand drive models. Nothing is wrong so don't worry. From the attached service manual spec they move up to 15° left and only 5° right.
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