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95 Ls400 Lumbar Fuse?

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I noticed in my 95 LS400 that the driver lumbar inflator won't inflate/deflate. I got in the passenger seat and the exact same thing is happening. This leads me to believe that maybe a fuse is dead if both seats don't work. The power seats both work, but just the inflator is dead. Any ideas? If all signs point to a fuse...where is the darn thing!! I looked in the book and under the hood, and I can't find anything that points to this. Anybody know where this particular fuse is??



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I checked the repair manuals for my 2000 LS400 and was surprised to find that there are no diagnostic procedures for the lumbar support in the diagnostic section for the power seats -- I suspect due to the lumbar adjustment not being controlled by the seat position memory system. The repair manual section on replacing the seat covers seems to show the lumbar adjustment mechanism as a separate component with a separate step in the seat disassembly process, e.g. "remove lumbar adjustment assembly".

Have your lumbar supports ever worked? If not, maybe a prior owner had the seat covers replaced and the lumber adjusters were either left out or their connectors left unplugged.

By the way, according to the diagram the lumbar adjustment mechanism does not appear to be an "inflator" It looks like a motor and lever assembly which pushes a metal spring grid forward against the padding beneath the leather cover on the seat back.

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