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  1. Perfect! I'll undo it all this weekend, and give it a go! Thank you as always!
  2. thanks as always, Billy! I've never taken a seat apart to get at the plugs/cables. Are you aware of any parts diagrams to show how to disassemble things?
  3. Yeah...I saw those threads, but those seem to pertain to the seat back itself having an issue. My seat backs both work perfectly. It's the lower lumbar support on my driver's side that stopped working. I can't determine if it's a fuse issue, a switch issue, or a motor issue....or a combination of all of those that's gone bad.
  4. After doing many searches, I can't seem to find where anybody has had A) their lumbar adjustment stop working, and/or B) what they did to fix it? The passenger side works like a champ, but the Driver's seat is stuck and won't adjust in either direction. Anybody have any experience in determining what the problem is and how to fix it? It's in my '95 LS
  5. Guys, I've got 170k on my LS, and bought it at 20k miles. I have always used OEM pads since I've owned it, and have never had ANY issues with rotors warping. 5k miles ago, I had my rotors turned and the mechanic talked me into ceramic pads for this go-round. Well, needless to say, after 5k miles both the wheel pulsates and the steering wheel shakes, all pointing to the rotors having warped. A. Has anyone experienced this, and is it some sort of an incompatibility with the ceramic pads and the OEM rotors? B. What brand OEM style pads would you guys recommend if I want to go back to the OEM compound, which I am assuming is a Semi-Metallic? Thanks in advance, as I couldn't find this info in any of the threads that my searches pulled up. David
  6. Paul, Can you re-post the threads, as they didn't attach to your post.
  7. Recently in my '95 LS, water has started to drip out around my front dome light area when it rains really hard. I have opened the sunroom and squirted hot water down the drain holes, which both appear to be draining properly. Has anybody ever had this happen that can point me towards where the source is coming from? Thanks David
  8. My '95 LS has the original gas cap and gasket. Do these things need to be changed for any reason? I have noticed that when I unscrew it to get gas when it is low on gas...it spews air for about 2 or 3 seconds. I thought I read somewhere in a thread at one point that it shouldn't be doing this, etc... Anybody have any insight if there is a logical reason to replace these caps and/or gaskets, and if you gain anything by doing so? Thanks!
  9. Apparently the harmonic balancer has gone bad in my '95 LS (according to the shop). They checked all the engine and trans mounts and all appear in great shape; however, I get the (as discussed several times in this forum) whole car vibration between 1500-2500 rpms while accelerating. Sometimes very minor, and other times worse. Other than buying one from the dealer, or one pulled from a used LS.....does anybody have any good suggestions as to the best place to get a new (or almost new) one? I don't know enough about these to know if it truly matters if you go OEM or not. Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks!
  10. I'm starting to notice in my '95LS that every once in a while i will go to raise or lower the wheel and it won't go up or down, it just makes a grinding type of noice. You can turn the car off, and it will work perfectly for the next 10 times you drive it, then it will start doing it again. Anybody have any idea what things I should check, and can you turn the function off by unplugging a fuse if it's too costly to fix? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! David
  11. thanks for the ideas. i'll look tonight!
  12. Yesterday, while sitting in traffic in my '95LS, i noticed my temp starting to rise a bit from dead center as it's always been for years. I immediately got out of traffic, and as soon as I started to drive, it came back down to dead center. A couple of more times during the day when stopped at a light, it would start to creap up, but again...once I got moving it would come back down. It's never done this before. I went back out several more times during the day, as well as this morning, and it hasn't done it again, regardless of how long i sit still. Very odd. Anyway...does anybody have any ideas of what could have caused this? Also, while I had my hood open, i did notice that the small fan that is in front of the radiator is not on. I stood there with the car running and the AC on, and during the 5 minutes I stood there, it never came on. However, the temp never rose either. Any insight here as to things to check before taking it in? Fuse somewhere for the fan? If so, where? Thanks in advance!
  13. I'll give those things a try tonight, and report back....
  14. Lately, my '95 LS400 keyless remote has no range. I literally have to stand 1 foot from the car, and push it 5 different times before it works. I of course have swapped batteries, and that apparently isn't the issue. Is this a sign that the remote itself needs to be replaced, or do I need to get a new remote brain/unit for in the car? If so, has anybody swapped one of these out, and are they difficult? thanks in advance!
  15. My rims on my '95, are looking a bit crappy these days. I did a search and don't feel confident that I found the answer regarding compatibility. I want to put the polished aluminum rims on from the '98-'00 LS. Has anybody done this, so that I know for sure that they will simply bolt right on with no issues? I found a lot of info on this, but just want to make sure that somebody can confirm that it's a simple swap out. thanks in advance! David