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Sitting In Lexus Service-- Thanks Forum Dudes For More Info!

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So Cruising along hway in my black 2008 es350 UL on the expressway 2 nights ago, and Booom, a rock ? nahhh see tire inflation light and realised tire went ka boom (glad it was back tire)

26.6 miles on the car, got 2 new tires last February Bridgestone Tuerenza on the front and the tread is mucho lower than my original back tires.. and i had a 25 k maintenance appt so thought I would see how mucho 2 tires would be, awaiting the price but memory is telling me around $500 installed for 2. I will get the price in a few.

I did not feel comfortable on buying 2 more matching BT's, and I would need to replace front soon based on tread wear. So I am getting price on em buttt said let me check the forum on any proper alternatives!!

I love the ride but they wear out fast imo, 2nd blow out in 26k miles -- time to look into this forum

so looks like all are very happy with the Michelin Primacy's? How do they compare in soft ride versus BT's ? In NY with 4 seasons thinking all weather is best for me, time is of essence and very time constrained.

thanks for direction and any other comments on BT's or Michelin P's would be appreciated

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Wow! Two blow outs in 26,000 miles? That's just too weird. Are you monitoring inflation? Low inflation is the main cause of blowouts and high tread wear.

I've driven the Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires on my 00 LS about 7,000 miles since I bought them earlier this year. They are certainly a pleasant riding quiet tire and I hope they last as long as the reviews and warranty say they should.

We have not had Turanzas on a car but have had several other Bridgestone tire models. The MXV4 tires on my LS replaced a set of ultra high performance summer Bridgestone RE750 tires. The RE750 was great fun to drive on by were thoroughly worn out by just over 20,000 miles -- typical for an ultra high performance summer tire. My LS came originally with Bridgestone 4000 tires and I replaced those with Bridgestone 5000 tires at 40,000 miles.

My wife's Camry came with Bridgestone 4000 tires and I bought a replacement set just before they were discontinued. They are lasting well over over 70,000 miles and the second set will have to be replaced due to age and not because they are worn out.

I just bought a set of Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 winter tires for the LS. I hope they last as long as the Bridgestone Blizzak WS50 tires I squeezed seven winters out of.

As you can see, I've bought a lot of Bridgestone tires. I bought the Primacy MXV4's mainly due to the noise and wear ratings but also because I got them at a bargain price.

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i am not perfect but yah i monitor tire pressure with digital device. I actually added some air just 3 days before.

The BT's offer a great ride and i have been happy with the everything but the 2 fails(blowouts) and tread wear on the front.

I am planning on calling few places pricing the Bridgestones, it seems the ride and feel is comparable and it has the 60K tread wear guarantee.


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