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  1. See the lik block on piece? Irt should slide into the slot next to keyhole than it will be tight
  2. Shoukd be ok snap it back on. These are made to come off, see the hidden keyhole there in case fob is faulty
  3. 3m kit has good reviews
  4. I have premium 08 black on black Just below 80k miles still looks new inside out As mentoned check $$ on or carmax edmunds etc for value G luck
  5. EDIT: whoops sorry just saw the email with the first part -- see you checked valet so ignore below-- always the valet for me don't panic 99.999% sure someone hit the button in the glove compartment , the valet switch!!! Open glove press button and it will open
  6. try this?
  7. hmm what Link was it? i have same year and prefer to use google maps (voice via bluetooth -- works much better than lexus routing navigation)
  8. thanks i used edmunds and to get the prices (dealer invoice) and smart price i got her a good deal with remote stater thrown in to the other options, fully loaded (not lux but premium with ala carte other items) for $55.5
  9. Hello Proud es 350 owner black on black (still outshining the world due to people i met on this forum) my (seperated) wife owns a 2 year old white pearl rx 350 and both are great-great cars. My best friend is looking and I went with her tonight to look Lexus rx 450h - wants a black interior with the tan aka satin cashmere exterior (haha too expensive to call it sand i guess?) so a custom order and this is not on lots. Live in Long island, NY and got the following: 450 h with premium package, nav, comfort apckage, blind spot notification, heated vented seats, xenon led headlights, think that covers it... $56,935 (mentioned little bit negotable) Havign bought two previous not expecting much. My friend is not finacing a straight purchase. no credit financing etc. willing to close soon. any deals out there and anyone else ahve any info to help negotiate? thank you guys!!!!
  10. not yet-- I am due my 36 k final appointment (had 3 year maint plan) I fixed it fine (better than in years) so i am happy. shoe goo rules!!! I became aware shoe goo when the rubber tip cam off my rim cleaner and i couldn't find. So to put a protective covering over the steel wire tip someone suggested shoe goo.. Great stuff (think duct tape ;-) Never had any problems on either car. Did you talk to dealer for replacement? Or is the car now out of warranty.?
  11. I am not 100% but is your Lights on the auto selection? I always have mine on auto so the lights go into night mode automatically--- this may or may not help gluck
  12. Ok my only real issue (except for the black hole fun -see other post) I have had in 3+ years of my 2008 es350 is the !@#$% cup holder in the console has that adjustable divider and it started loosening its grip over first year.. got loose so i used to add some paper to make it stick but got worse. I put in a plastic eva bottle (gatorade and water ) to the gym and use it for water and my plastic venti cup for coffee. Plastic piece finally broke from my adjusting playing.. -- and I use Shoe goo --so put the piece back using long nose pliers and shoe goo and it id like new the extra shoe goo is pliable enough to let it help grip the adjustable piece. anyone else have the divider get loose on them? cheers
  13. Ok 6 months after i dropped my cell phone in wife's Rx350 2010 and could not find for hours but found... i am leaving my gym and my ipod separates from my shure earbuds and goes down the side of my es350. Get home the ipod is gone not in car --check everywhere... get home after work spend 40 minutes again nada... I start thinking did I kick out of door etc? sigh 40 Gigs music i use it every day... wife even tried 40 minutes nada. I was in apple store getting wife some stuff, and thought of getting another but i decided to wait few days and i checked every day for ten minutes-- I thought it had to somehow make its way into carpet under the blower and 4 days later ..tada -- it is there.... I fear the black holes but stuff does come back!!!! ;-) anyone else ever lost something in the lexus seat black holes?
  14. I hear you on the time --- 2 kids , sick mom going thru hell last 8 months, now have AAU BBALL with daughter next 6 weekends w/Tournaments, so happy i could wash and than Danase Wet glaze and clean tires today!!! G luck w fuse if it fails bring her in...
  15. rjt65


    Pre collision system
  16. Previous I loved Zaino versus the armor all look... more matte just tried this and it i think it is the best a more natural longer lasting tire prep and not the synthetic crap that you have to clean off. used on my wifes rs 350 and my es 350 it works just ensure you properly clean the tires to remove all previous crap on 'em--- my tires still look good after month of rian and they redid roads i ahve to go through over--dust city for a month... just wash em and have not reapplied the clearcoat shine again.... looks gr8
  17. 2008 eS 250 just moved over from turanza's to Michelin primacy's M's --- and used STS They set the pressure to 37 PSI riding fine...
  18. not sure if it needs to be initialised or not--when i had my spare on and shopped for tires my lite stayed on, but i used it as a reminder to get on the ball and make the decision fast...
  19. ayuh!!! my first front were gone 10-12 K... 26 k and my fronts looked ready to go,again, at 26k Again nice ride --handling not so great (not racing driving nuts but should IMO have handled some turns at decent speeds better) --durability horrible. Hope to at least hit the 30K you stated in the other thread--that will be over a 200% improvement! Michelins handle better in the turns g luck all
  20. What year did you put them on? Think the treadware is 6 years versus the 60K? did you get anythng on the warranty? Even at 30K that will be 2x what the Bridgestones got me.... Time will tell thanks for the input
  21. Steve --- how are the bridgies in speedy turns? i.e long parkway entrance.. exit... that is the only complaint performance wise i had with my Bridgstones. Rode very nice.. handling not so good. Tread wear life deplorable... I had the Turnazas what model is on them now? Time will tell but i forsee good results with the Mich. PRimacy's MX g luck
  22. Maybe the old ones = 30K but do you think I will only see 30K if they carry a 55K tread wear guarantee? only 5K less than the V's BTW cheers
  23. Yah i saw the older Mxm4's were the "express" and were lower rated, but these were Primacy MxM4's, Saw they got a lot of excellent feedback on different cars, so went with the newer technology. so far so good..... smooth soft ride but increased handling, and michelin durability
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