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Starting A Swap! 2Jz-Gte


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So after LONG debates, I've decided to put my paintjob on hold and go ahead with a 2jz-gte engine on my SC300!

I looked around for engines and I found a place in Canada that supplies great engines for Canadian and US customers! I am currently in the talks with a gentlemen from the company and so far, I'm very happy with their customer service. The sales persons name is Chris and he's been very active on replying my emails and communicating with me. Hopefully I will be getting pictures of the engine along with compression numbers. He claim the engine compression is a solid 153 across the board on a dry compression test, I cant wait!

For this project, I will be replacing all gaskets, seals, belts, and pumps, this will not be a 500hp swap. I will be using stock sidemount intercooler, and try to make this as stock as possible since police in my area are notorious for giving out Vehicle Inspection slips if they suspect that you've modified your engine.

I will be updating this thread periodically when progresses are being made Wish me luck!

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Communication is definitely not a problem with them, Chris sent me pictures of the engine on his day off and I'm very satisfied with what I'm seeing, just waiting for the compression test now :) The engine mileage is said to be around 30,000 miles! Will post picture of the compression very soon! So excited!

Here are the pictures:






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If this is 'jdm_planet', or whatever name they are going by these days, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

I just got done dealing with this jerkwad.

We did our own leakdown . . .

#1- 42%

#2- 23%

#3- 55%

#4- 49%

#5- 35%

#6- 52%

Motor had been scrubbed with solvents, transmission did not seem very good either. Took 2 months to get my money back.

Guy held my money hostage for a 5-star feedback rating, had to get PayPal involved over and over until they refunded the money for him.

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I've spoke to them, are they really that bad? They seems like they're pretty nice.

They sent me pretty pictures, and my motor looked nothing like it -- had a valve cover cut off to expose the cams -- no 'Toyota' logo valve cover, wires, many sesnors or hoses

Took me over 2 months to get my money back -- so much for 'customer satisfaction guaranteed when PayPal has to reinforce your refund

My shop is SCCa, NHRa, NaSa certified, do everything from oil changes to to 1/2 million $, 3 run dragsters -- their word is the word

You will probably get the same motor I returned, I'd bet even money I can send you pictures to prove.

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