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Advise On Sc400 Exaust


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I posted this question at “Lextreme” and got a very uninformative response. I’m trying not to get irritated so I will try over here.

I recently picked up a 93 SC400 and I have liked the sound of the Magnaflow mufflers (online). The shop quoted me at 360$ total including tips with labor. I am interested in a throatier sound to the V8 - but not to the point where it is obnoxious. Is this a reasonable deal or would you go with something else and why?

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300 is a good area to be in.

for deep down sound it's hard for us because of our high reving capabilities.

Small pistons just dont go down there

Headers, Hi flo cats and glasspacks (2pair) sounded nice to me (though on speakers)

Start with a muffler delete and see if you want more.

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I would say go with Magnaflow. I recently put it on a 1990 supra turbo and it sounded great. You really can't tell anything until you get on it. And it wasn't obnoxious at all. But I was very happy with the purchase and it cost me 450 from the cat back. :(

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