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  1. I too was interested in the Borla's due to their throaty sound, however, the price was too steep. I just ordered dual Magnaflows with custom tips and will be getting them installed later this week. I can let you know how it turns out if you are interested.
  2. I posted this question at “Lextreme” and got a very uninformative response. I’m trying not to get irritated so I will try over here. I recently picked up a 93 SC400 and I have liked the sound of the Magnaflow mufflers (online). The shop quoted me at 360$ total including tips with labor. I am interested in a throatier sound to the V8 - but not to the point where it is obnoxious. Is this a reasonable deal or would you go with something else and why?
  3. WOW. That is going to take some planning. Just to get the heat gun! HMMMMMMMM. It might be a while until I have the time. 5-6 hours to pry the lights apart? G-DAMN!!!!!! You have patience man - but job well done. I will check out when I have a few days off.
  4. Sweet! OneHotLexus - how do you do the clear taillights? They look really cool.
  5. Is that your company Calvin? I called today but did not get an answer.
  6. Great info Tom - but would you mind wording the "overdrive" explanation in prepubescent terms? I am automobile challenged. Ah, the touch-up paint makes sense now; although a little time consuming…
  7. back and rear. Better than nothin'.
  8. I have never considered the percentage. What is legal? I was going to go by the discretions of the professional.
  9. Nice, little upgrades are cool. I am going for the window tint tomorow.
  10. Enjoy yourselves and NO drunk Lex driving!
  11. Thanks UCF. I had the overdrive button off thinking it would waste gas for some mysterious reason. Yes, the touch-up paint has directions. If it comes out looking like a Picasso, I will take it to a body shop.
  12. Ok, now what is electronic overdrive and how is it advantageous? When do you use the power button and does it hog gas? Have you ever tried the touch up paint? Any pointers?
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