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  1. 300 is a good area to be in. for deep down sound it's hard for us because of our high reving capabilities. Small pistons just dont go down there Headers, Hi flo cats and glasspacks (2pair) sounded nice to me (though on speakers) Start with a muffler delete and see if you want more.
  2. well I was corrected! It's a shudder not shutter lol I hapens only some of the time and it's only for a half a second usually when the car is about to downshift. I'm gonna start by flushing the fluid.
  3. I have a 94 SC400 Sears qouted me 504$ for all 4 struts and alignment. Monroe is what brand they will install. How will these be? Are they as good as orig? are there better options around this $range?
  4. I have a 94 SC-400 with 111k on it owned for 2 yrs My tranny was shuttering slightly until my local garage used a additive?? It helped for about 3k mi Now the Shutter is back. And It's getting worse! What is the "Shutter"? and will a fluid flush solve the problem? Thank-You for any help
  5. Does any of us know what the aprox time might be to change the tourque converter in a 94 SC-400? The parts are cheap enough? but hrly the $$ rises quickly!
  6. OK I've done the research and now need the advice of all of you experts. My 94 SC-400 with 108k has perfect tested compression, new timming belt ,plugs etc... The car is unmolested. BFI going in in a week. Exhaust has 2 cats off the manifolds Ys to a long round resignator (sp) then Ys to duel smaller resignators then off to the duel large mufflers. I'm planning on having the center and 2 other resignators removed and straight pipes put in their place. Is this wise to boost sound, flow and HP? What would be the best choice and why? Thank you in advance, Jon
  7. all custom installation jobs require a little tweaking. use a dremmel tool to cut away the mounting bracket. Measure the depth of the old sub and width to shop for a new sub. My 94 SC400 with NAK has 4ohm 4.25 rear deck speakers. The wiring thats in the car will do just fine. 450$US sounds high 50 per unit and 25 per speaker sounds good. custom fit deck is more as our dash has a double din space. Good luck and have fun
  8. Not sure yet but probably not. The garage that I used to bring my old Porsche to will be doing it. But I want to know more about the sticker thats on a plastic cover right between the 2 distributors. ................ ////////////////////////////////////////// with #s......... 092802................................0075 .............................1UZ-Z83T............................52 Dots are actually spaces/////// is the bar code
  9. the lighter, well trace the wires and see if they are disconnected somewhere. As for the other, The dealer can put the car on to their trouble code computer and find the problem alot easier then you can sound out what it doesn't do to anyone here on these boards ;)
  10. there is a sticker with a bar code and other misc #sright inbetween the 2 distributers any Ideas Anyone? thanx Jon
  11. You've read 'em before and I have a New Question. Am I to understand that there is a "MARK" somewhere that a mech puts on the motor to signify that a timing belt had been done at a certain mi? Please respond And I did check the vin to see if it had been done at the dealer :(
  12. Like any car out there start with makeing it safe and true, Check compression in pistons check plugs wires etc.. change and flush all fluids esp tranny This will give you an idea as to how the car will last. IE if it has bad piston seals adding a turbo might be a bad waste of $$$. My car is starting with a new timing belt, shocks struts and springs. Next will be a breaking up-grade and a up-graded tranny cooler. All these things will make my car stronger and last (for when the terracharger M90 comes)heh heh .
  13. P.S. Only the MAIN master key will unlock this button, same as the exterior trunk core It is a vallet switch so others can't open the trunk. if you dont have the master key for your car then try the dealership to get the key-codes from your VIN and cut a new key.
  14. When the core is pushed in it disables the trunk pop release, you need the key to reset the disabler. see if you can bring the core to a local lock-smith and they will re-core it to match your factory key. try to remore the parts cuz they might need them overnight or 2. Hope this helps.
  15. Sean in your above post you mention that you live in Mass. As do I and No there aren't many SCs around (but I got mine :) ) If you go to the local Pizza shop they usually have those free car mags to read and I usually see 1 or 2 SCs in there for sale. The shaking you mention, if it is a short burst of vibration for only a sec it sounds more like a tranny "shutter" thishappens when sub-grade ATF is used the tranny needs to use Toyota type 4 and most quick lube places will use dextron2 or equiv. Not a hard repair!
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