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  2. I have a SC400 and have no problem trying to find info on my car (although it is tough to find any info sometimes on a 99) even though there are topics about SC300's and SC430's. Just my .02
  3. Does anyone know the difference in exhaust fitting between the SC300 and SC400 and the difference in 92-96 cars and the 97 and up. For example: are they routed differently, are the exhaust hangers in different places, are there more cats or silencers. I am trying to figure out why a 92-96 Greddy MX catback will not work on a 99 SC400. I looked on Greddys website and it says in small writing that with a bracket or fitting of sorts that it will fit the SC400. I do not have access to any other year SC, and I have no friends that have SC's. Again thanks for all the info and help. Maybe this will help us all out since this is one of the only true cat-back sytems available for any SC(most are just axel-back)
  4. Bubbles, and just with that mod you noticed a difference?
  5. You guys should post some of your BFI pics on here so I can see and hopefully understand what it is going on!!! I think I have seen one pic where the guy cut large holes in the airbox cover and then put cookie cutters inside the holes to make it nice and shiny. It looked very nice. Is this the BFI concept on the SC. Rig your airbox to receive as much air as possible??? This is the only car that I have owned where they make almost 0 parts for it.
  6. Any news or installs on the TQconverters??
  7. So lex luther do you have 18's. If I was going just for looks I would get 18's and forget about it. The 18's are what I really want. I know they would look great on the SC and make the handling better. I am just trying to avoid the crappy and noisy ride. I may go for the 18's if you guys think the ride quality is acceptable. Do you have any pics of the 18's on stock suspension or even 17's. thanks
  8. sounds like a really good deal if that includes shipping and there is no tax involved
  9. Those will look very nice on your car. My brother-in-law whole sales panther.
  10. I just got out of an EVO VIII and I am very spoiled by the lexus ride. I do not want to go back to the harshness of the EVO with this car. I know the 18's would look great. I still may go for them though. Hell the SC430 comes stock with 18's so does the Q45 and G35 coupe with sport option. Those are all "luxury" cars so the ride on 18's cant be all that bad I guess. I see you chose 235/50 tires. Do the tires pooch out a little? I am guessing this is why you were lucky enough to still maintain the smooth ride. Thanks for the help guys and pics would be great. It would be nice if we had a sticky post where we could all put pics or our cars.
  11. So your car still drives like a lexus?? Now it just handles alot better. This is exactly what I am looking for. I dont expect it to handle like my old Supra on 17's because of our softer suspension, but I would like it to feel crisper on the corners. Can you tell me a little more about your setup that you are running with your 17's. Are they 17x8 or 17x9 or do have them staggered front to back. Also, what size`tires are you using on your rims(235/45 17). thanks
  12. My question here is for people who have actually changed from the stock 16" and now have 17" or 18". I have found some wheels that I like for my car. One style is a perfect fit in 17" and the other in 18". How much different is the ride on your SC going from our stock 16's with the balloon tires to a wider wheel and lower profile tire? I already know it will handle better/crisper. I really want to hear the negatives that you guys have found from + sizing your wheels. I do not want to ruin the lexus ride!!! thanks :chairshot:
  13. congrats for sure. makes me wonder if I got a good deal on mine, but I love it. I found mine last month(feb) in fort worth, TX. 99 sc400 with 27,000 miles, one owner, dealer maintained. It cost alot more than 7 but I still think I got a good deal. I love this car. so smooth.
  14. yes please let us know the correct offset for aftermarket wheels. from what i understood from reading past posts is that +42 thru +50 is our best bet since stock is +50. What I would like to know is what are the best tire sizes for the different width rims, and what sidewall for the 17" and 18" wheels. For example I was thinking of 17x7.5 and 17x9. Both with +42 or +45 offset. Now what size`tires would fit the same or a little taller than stock. I do not want a smaller overall diameter. I think I want a 45 sidewall but how wide 225 or 235 up frnt and 255 in the back?? thanks
  15. So you guys tend to think we have the 1 and not an open diff. I have yet to try any burnouts :P but when I do I will let you guys no. But atleast you were not experiencing the one wheel peeler. Nice to here that you noticed a difference with the 2 way. Do you think it was worth the$$? thanks
  16. OK I give up :chairshot: . There are no parts for my car. Maybe I can save some money and just put awesome fluids in my car to keep it running in top shape. One day maybe I will invest in a torque converter and LSD to go along with some 18's. This alone should set me back about $4,000 or so ;) .Thanks for the help guys.
  17. I average about 20-21 in mixed city/highway driving. On my last road trip to Dallas I got 26MPG. This is not the best nor the worst MPG of cars that I have owned. Our gas mileage is not that bad being a V8 and geared for performance. My CL Type S gets about 25-26 in the city/highway mode and 31 on the highway, but it is at 2,500 RPM when I am going 80 on a road trip.
  18. My car also came without traction control. I thought that was very strange that it would actually be an option, but oh well I am happy without it. Now the problem is finding a good LSD to put into this car. This maybe one of the only mods they make for it.
  19. thanks for the info, I got this off the net and just pasted it up here......anyone who actually has one installed on there car I would love to hear from you. thanks
  20. WOW, someone has way to much money!!! Oh, and I have never heard of a 25 on the sidewall. I thought 30 was extreme, but he is saying the rear is 25. WOW!!!
  21. this is why I am asking: Differentials are gearboxes that transmit power from the driveshaft to the rear axles in a way that allows each wheel to spin independently of the other. The SC coupes came with open differentials, which do not transfer torque between wheels when one is losing traction (slipping). In fact, under most circumstances, the open diff. only gives one wheel all the power. Thus the need for limited-slip differentials (aka: Positrac). Limited-slip differentials (LSD) transfer power to the wheel with the most traction, which allows you to deliver more power to the ground. There is a wide array of LSD options out there. The trouble is in matching the overall drivetrain ratios. If your final drive ratio is off, your speedometer and odometer will also be off. The most popular LSDs used are the Torsen Supra and Supra TRD LSDs because they are direct bolt-ons. Be aware that there are many versions of the Supra differential, including some that are actually open differentials! LSDs are categorized as 1.0 limited-slip, 1.5 limited-slip, and 2.0 limited-slip. Here are the distinctions: Open differential - will power only one wheel at almost all times. Some open differentials will give the appearance of being limited slip when (1) power brake launching, (2) when good traction is avalable, and (3) when the car is pointed forward and not turning. 1-way Limited-slip - provides power to both wheels when the car is traveling straight and no other time. The weakest linking differential of all LSDs. 1.5-way Limited-slip - provides power to both wheels when the car is traveling straight and turning. Moderate grip while engaged. 2-way Limited-slip - provides power to both wheels when the car is traveling straight, while turning, and while braking. Fully engaged limited-slip at all times.
  22. Has anyone installed an LSD on there car? If so, how do you like it and what type do you have. thanks
  23. Lexual, How do you like the look of these?? I really think these would look good on there!!