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Air Filter Change 04 Es330

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Not to bother anyone but a little prior knowledge would help me greatly. I need to change the air filter and stamped on the side of the case it say "to change air filter, refer to owner manual" which has nothing about air filter changing.

If someone knows a link or post, that would be a big time saver.


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I haven't had to change the one in my wife's 330 yet, but opening the hood and checking it out tells me to do the following:

Right behind the battery is the rather large air box with the filter inside. Looking down on top of it you'll see two 10 mm bolts with large washers under them, on the right side of the airbox, one in front and one in back. Remove them. The large corrigated rubber air tube that attaches to the airbox and the throttle body needs to be removed. Undo its two wire clamps, again with 10 mm bolts and wiggle the tube from the airbox.

To the right of that corrigated tube, on top of the airbox, is a wiring connector to the air flow sensor that MAY have to be disconnected, in order to give you enough room to open the airbox. Simply push down on the tab in the centre of the connector and wiggle the entire connecter towards the back of the car to disconnect it.

Now the airbox lid simply hinges towards the passenger side of the car, and you can lift the air filter out.

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Changing the air filter can be a pain on this car. I have an 02 and when I think it can take me a quick 5 minutes it usually takes me 20minutes because of the process. All I can say is have fun and take your time, do not rush it. If you have a don't have a tear down and rebuild manual make sure to purchase one it will be the best $20.00 bucks you ever spent.

FYI - The tear down and rebuild manual can be purchase at any auto parts store because it's listed under "Toyota Camry" but when you look at the cover it says "Includes Avalon, Solara & Lexus ES 300/330.

Yes I know this is a pain in the !Removed!.

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