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  1. Changing the air filter can be a pain on this car. I have an 02 and when I think it can take me a quick 5 minutes it usually takes me 20minutes because of the process. All I can say is have fun and take your time, do not rush it. If you have a don't have a tear down and rebuild manual make sure to purchase one it will be the best $20.00 bucks you ever spent. FYI - The tear down and rebuild manual can be purchase at any auto parts store because it's listed under "Toyota Camry" but when you look at the cover it says "Includes Avalon, Solara & Lexus ES 300/330. Yes I know this is a pain in
  2. You might want to clean your throttle body. I have a 2002 ES 300 and I had the same issue and if you ignore the issue your car would not turn over one day and it will drain your battery. Its the best fix for this issue, You can also have your AC check for Free at local shops if they offer it and throttle body cleaner is very cheap just go to any auto parts store and your all set.
  3. Thanks Alot, I never thought of that and I did move the battery several weeks ago when I changed the air filter. Thank you sir. I will let you know if this helps.
  4. Hello, I hope everyone is well. I would like to know if anyone is having similar issues with there 2002 lexus es 300 turning off while make a sharp left or right turn. I have a felling it might be a dirty throttle body or some other unknow issue. I had a major concern when I was I was in Houston driving and the car just turned off while I was turning the corner, not to mention I was on train tracks and the rails were coming down which is a major concern. I am not driving the car at this time, but I do await a reply.
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